Posted by: 2big4mysize | October 26, 2010

Kimkins Fraud Court case has started

Friday morning update seems those lawyers are still talking in the court room so we will just have to wait to toss the confetti pop the corks and celebrate the demise of that nutrtionally bankrupt diet website and the lying liar who lies being found guilty of fraud in the civil case.

Hope that Riverside DA is gathering all the testimony from the civil case to use in Kimmer’s criminal case they will be filing. The 5th can’t be invoked for testimony she already made. 🙂 

FYI UPDATE  DUCKs are gagged by John and can’t release the juicey court testimony yet BUT a verdict will be rendered Friday OCt 29th At 10:30 AM  CA time so check the blogs for updates and LCFs Kimkins section for all the details when John turns our brave court veteran DUCKies loose!

I know everybody is anxiously awaiting news from Riverside about how the kimkins.con court case is going.
Here’s what I want to know?

Did Kimmer AKA Heidi Diaz show up? Yes she did
Has she lost weight sisnce the infamous red dress deposistion? Nope she hasn’t

Any last minute legal trickery by Kimmer’s side?

How did grans testimony go?
Are the attending DUCKS holding up okay?

DId the reporter who did the show about Kimkins.con report on the trial starting?

for those wanting the fastest updates check out the Kimkins court update topic at LCFs


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