Posted by: 2big4mysize | January 13, 2009

breaking News Kimmer files bankrupcy

Kimmer AKA Heidi K Diaz has filed for personel bankruptcy.
How does this effect Kimkins.con and her new site Simple Choices Diet you might ask. Since both are run as sole proprietorship they are both covered by her actions.

Thats right the kimkins.con class action lawsuit has been stayed by the court based on the filing.

The dismissal hearings of her countersuits has also been stayed.

the laywer representing the many folk she is suing and the class action suit had this to say in a message to the class reps and those being countersued.


Heidi Diaz has filed bankruptcy protection.  All pending motions in the state court have been stayed for the time being.  The bankruptcy court will take jurisdiction.  I have attached the bankruptcy notice for your review.

Make no mistake, we will continue the fight in the bankruptcy court.

John Tiedt
Thank you John


Kimmer had this to say to members of her kimkins.con site in a post today
A quick note from legal counsel:

Kimkins has filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy
code. Chapter 11 is a rule which permits reasonable reorganization of
debts under the bankruptcy laws of the United States. Chapter 11
bankruptcy is available to any business, whether organized as a
corporation or sole proprietorship, and to individuals.

This will allow Kimkins, as a viable business, to continue to service
its customers while paying debts under a reorganization plan.
it will allow us to better address certain matters pending in the civil
The process is a public proceeding and aimed solely at
protecting the interest of Kimkins and our members.”

Due to litigation over the past year we have a couple major debts and
this will help restructure those.
This will not affect our day to day
operations. Prior to this news Kimkins had already been planning a
revamp of the website (appearance and software). ……

Since the only costs she has incurred from the lawsuit so far  was paying her lawyer it really makes one wonder about the timing of the firing of her lawyer and the filing of this action just days before the hearings.




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