Posted by: 2big4mysize | January 3, 2009

Kimkins.con not the only site sending members to banned camp without TOS violations!

Seem Kimmer and her admins are not the only ones with a quick finger on the ban button and sending folk to banned camp for no TOS violations nor even a legitimate reason.


As many of y’all know I walked away from my beloved site after the Thanksgiving massacre  of 06 when 3 of the top 10 poster were banned and not for any TOS violation. I spent many hours exchanging PMs with the owner and one of the admins about this action and while agreeing it was not handled correctly and they should not have been banned no unbanning occurred.

I had tried picketing the site with a sign in my siggy saying I was on strike over the banning, but that was removed from my siggy by an admin and I was denied access to my siggy after I replaced it. Since membership  in an organization implies support of the actions of the management of the organization I resigned my membership and moved to anotherlow carb board.

I have recieved emails from the admin and owner of ADBB inviting me back and have informed them I would not return until the banned were unbanned.I recieved yet another invite just this week which I notified my IP was SPAM.

 Lo and behold I was surprised to discover the owner and admin had reconsidered and unbanned those  unjustly locked out that day and they were active again. In my excitement I was getting ready to return to the site as a supporting member again only to discover it was a cruel hoax and before a single post could appear on the board  welcoming them back  or even one written by any of them they were banned again for no TOS violation. The only good to come from this action is I’m glad I did not have to post a nevermind after posting a return to the site topic.



  1. This commnet is from the OWNER of ATKINSDIETBULLETINBOARD

    Come on 2big … lets get the story straight.

    there are no banned members except for blatent spammers on the board which are usually from .ru or .cn domains.

    the users you have mentioned are welcome to post there.


    I love

  2. Get it straight? lets see on

    12/15/08 this message appearead on your site for the members in question

    vBulletin Message
    You have been banned for the following reason:
    No reason was specified.

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    then they were invited back and it looked like they were unbanned and had access on Jan 2 only to within minutes of their first visit to the board and posting to a popular members Journal who had ask about then back when you had banned them ( and yes I have a copy of those PMs you sent me saying you banned them that day. want to refresh your memory and see a copy of them?) suddenly this message appeared on their screens

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    No reason was specified.

    Date the ban will be lifted: January 9th, 2009, 05:00 PM

    SO do I have the facts straight?
    they were banned
    then they were unbanned
    and then again banned once more for no TOS violation.

    Tom what part did I get wrong here?
    Oh and I sure would love to see the post in Brook’s journal that got them banned yet again since you say only blatent SPAMMers are banned.

  3. Yes they were banned in the past. With reason.

    They since have been unbanned and are currently unbanned.

    The “No reason specified” is a program default. They are aware of the reasons and if they have any questions as to why they were banned in the first place I would be willing to discuss it with them.

    They are not banned in fact there are no banned users at except for spammers … usually from .ru or .cn domains.

    Their post is in brooks journal you can go there and see it … and as I said they are no longer banned.

    here is the link to brooks journal and as you will see there are posts from those that I assume you are talking about:

    Edited by 2BIG to add the posts since only logged in members could view them from the link provided
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    Re: Brook’s Boundless Battle of the Bulge- Take 3!!

    Originally Posted by Brook
    wannabethintoo? Susan???? Is that YOU??

    Yes it is! I missed you.


    and Barb’s post

    January 2nd, 2009, 02:48 PM
    ADBB Admiral Join Date: Aug 09, 2004
    Location: at some grocery store in Florida!
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    Re: Brook’s Boundless Battle of the Bulge- Take 3!!


    Nope. Not Wannabe!

    And as was stated they are both welcome to come back and take part in our board if that is what they want. I had a pm conversation with one of them and i just got the feeling like they are not interested in coming back …

    but they are welcome.

    In any case … just wanted to pop by and say hi … and see why we ended up in the kim kims doghouse and wish you a happy new years.

    I love
    AKA Tom

  4. so let me get this straight

    you banned them Nov 2006 for no TOS violations,
    unbanned late Dec 2008 but didn’t tell them,
    then banned them again for no cause Jan 2 2009 when they discovered they were unbanned and visited ADBB.
    and now have unbanned them yet again?

    you keep saying folk are not banned for anything but being blatant Spammers yet they were clearly banned on Jan 2 2009 and not for Spamming since their only actions were those posts in the journal you just linked me too that you approved for posting.

    WOW makes my head spin. I got a question or two for you about all that banning unbanning

    First if I banned you for no TOS violation,
    unbanned you and rebanned you again the same day without any cause again,
    and then unbanned you again would you want to be part of my crazy site?
    would you be feeling a bit angry discussing your situation at that point with me?

    Next question

    When you unbanned them did you send any communication other then your new yr greeting?

    I just wanted to drop you an email wishing you a Happy New year and check up on how you are doing with the diet. The new year is always a great time to re-commit yourself to the diet and maybe reread the book or tighten up on some of the cheats.

    Hope to see you on the board ( )


    Cause no where does that email say
    You can not receive nor send PMs to other members
    you can not edit your signature
    you can’t update your profile information
    you can not publish any post until I read it and decide if it is worthy of ADBB.
    you can’t use the search feature nor look at the membership list
    Nor can you you use the new post feature neither!

    sure doesn’t sound like you were hoping to see them on the board with all those conditions you didn’t tell them about being attached to their return.

    If you were going to conditionally allow them to be members shouldn’t you have told them the conditions before they arrived on the site to discover so many board features were “broken”?

    I understand your conversation with the member in question that you mentioned above took place after that second banning when the posts you just linked me too were off in cyberspace and not appearing in the journal. You seem to be confused about that conversation cause only you were sending Private Messages. The member had to actually post her reply to the board in order to respond to each of your PMs. I’m sure you can understand how this no reply PM’s from you might have effected her “tone” in the conversation. how many other mods and admins read her replies without telling her they too were reading along?

  5. I will answer this:
    Next question

    When you unbanned them did you send any communication other then your new yr greeting?
    No, And that was not the first email inviting us back. I have not had other communications regarding the unbanning at all. I have emailed Tom, not getting any response.

    It’s a shame. But the board is really not usable at all with all the restrictions. I would be happy to be back and posting, but not the way it is now.

    To my friends from ADBB who might be reading this that don’t have my email and would like to contact me, I’m at
    Bdegirolam at

    Take care.

  6. Sorry to see you are not being treated as a welcomed returning member who was a big opart of making ADBB whatit was back then. Your food pic, recipe and food chat posts, and encouragement and prodding of folk to join the exercise challengeds help many to make their Atkins work as Dr Atkins intended it to.

    as I said in my discussions with the owner back in 2006 it was what you meant to ADBB back in then that shocked me that you would even be banned for gripping in your journal cause somebody was down rating yours and the others journals out of meanness.

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