Posted by: 2big4mysize | November 22, 2008

the new face of Kimkins that wasn’t

Welcome to banned camp Disco Superfly AKA Starmaker in the kimpire.

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Banned Nov 22 2008

FABULOUS! I guess I join the ranks of the banned. Why? Lets see, I was an entertaining poster, said so by Kimmer herself, had a great group of buds (Grandma Candy, Debbie…etc you gals I hope you find me over here I’m going to miss you ….. sniff)

The real reason? Has to be that she asked me to be her New Years Success Story to bring in the new crop, she called it the busiest season for diet sites. She asked for a story and my former fat pictures. Then got demanding the other day with a PM that basically said are you going to get this story into me on time or what?” I was busy and didn’t have time to respond.

Then I log in today and whammo, I have no access to forums or PMs.

And I suspect that her spy-spawns have been reporting back to her that I have been sitting on the fence over here for awhile. Its a free country.
I enjoyed the people there, couldn’t care less about the plan. I do what works for me. I am very sad today, and sad to lose my friends.


from LCFs

Pretty harsh punishment for not allowing ones self to be used for advertizing purposes I’d say. I checked the TOS and the membership plans on the site and no where does it say when you buy a membership you agree to allow Kimmer to use your likeness and weight loss story in her advertizing and newlettersI hopeSam will join the lawsuit



  1. Wow, I’ve seen Sam quite a lot at LCF lately! She’s asking questions and getting great healthy answers!

    Good for her!

  2. She should have told heidikins to go use her own success story. As for disco’s friends, I hope they can find their way out.

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