Posted by: 2big4mysize | November 10, 2008

SMACK down for a SLAPPer

Magicsmom has a great blog post about how folk can SMACK Kimmer for SLAPPing DUCKS.


So I’m asking all my fellow bloggers to join the SMACKdown and if you don’t have an antikimkins blog now would be a great time to start a free one right here at so please give Kimmer et al a great big SMACK with your new blog.


I myself will be getting my SLAP with one P fixed tomorrow so read carefully  after today cause y’all know how bad I spell and type with 2 hands and not on pain meds.



  1. Best wishes tomorrow with your surgery. Speedy recovery vibes to you!

  2. My SLAP is healing now and like Kimmer et al’s SLAPP will need until Dec to know if it is going away or not. Thanks to all the well wishers.
    I’m off the pain meds and wearing real clothes today.

    now to go see how mant SMACKS KIMMER HAS GOTTEN.

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