Posted by: 2big4mysize | September 30, 2008

Is your SLAP with one or 2 Ps

I haven’t written anything for a while cause I was keeping the Atkins info on the front page of the blog but with the current SLAP/SLAPP situation I figured I’d update.

SLAP with one P is a tear in your shoulder where the bicep tendon and the labrum meet and I got one of those I’m dealing with.


SLAPP with 2 Ps is a  Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation and are lawsuits filed against people or organizations because they have exercised their right to petition the government or speak out on public issues. SLAPPs frequently contain claims for libel, slander, defamation, malicious prosecution, and/or abuse of process. Many of my fellow DUCKS are dealing with one of those filed by Kimmer  AKA Heidi Diaz.   If you’d like to read the lawsuit you can see it on Medusa’s blog 

AM I one of the 100 ROES since I was the first member of the superbanned camp? Will any DUCKs file a SLAPPBack suit? only time will tell as folk continue to work to turn the site into a 404 error page



  1. OMG, double slaps. Hoping you a speedy recovery. I was a bit quiet on the blogging front myself but it looks like I needed a slapp to get back in gear;)

  2. I didn’t know you were the first superbanned. Congratulations! You dared defy the control freak liar – FIRST!

  3. Maybe she remembered me from our confrontations about her voodoo diet science on ADBB in 2003 before she even had her website, but my definition of super banned campers are those of us who didn’t buy memberships and were IP banned from the site.

  4. I think all the infighting is hilarious. The fact that you took so much time trying to figure out who annon is, is strange. Why? I told you months ago there were moles at LCF, but you did not buy it. Interesting.


  5. thanks for stopping by again DANA.
    I don’t buy pigs in a poke. I want to see what I’m getting so playing your little guess who is one and I will tell you if you guess right game isn’t for me.

    You just saw since you are following along why. 3 false accusations were made and several folk got harmed in the process.

  6. Maybe Dana is the mole…incognito

  7. I never said guess who, and I don’t care if you know or not. I just find this entire thing funny. This whole thing is a joke anyway. Get a life folks. Seriously, there really is life outside this nonsense. A year of this, wow. Well at least it is entertainment on boring days.


  8. hey DANA remember this commnet of yours? sure looks like the word guess near the end of the first paragraph.
    Dana on January 23, 2008
    Great job on the weight loss! Now would it surprise you to know that I am pretending to be one of your little duckie friends on those threads? Try and guess which one.

    I don’t think you can but if you do, I will admit to it to you.


  9. Seems hypocritical to be criticizing all the time we waste, when it appears you have nothing better to do than to watch us waste it, Dana. 😛

  10. Oh, I have plenty to do, thanks! How many comments have I left lately? Not many.

    Yep, 2Big, I sure as heck did say that. Never said otherwise. Again, I don’t care if you know or not, it really makes no difference. I just find this amusing. Carry on.


  11. Oh as for the guessing game, I was speaking of today’s post, not the old one.

  12. Well see DANA when you said “I told you months ago there were moles at LCF, but you did not buy it.” I thought the told you months ago was referring to that old commnet of yours.

    But drop by any time DANA and if you want to continue our discussion about kimkins eating issues I can fix up a new page for us or we can use the old one. I noticed there have been lots of changes over there recently. Have you tried any of them?

  13. Yes, it is just a swell plan now! 🙂

  14. which one of the new improved plans are you referring to? what changes were made that you are now using?

    Still getting plenty of proteins and more fats then the orginal Kimkins called for I hope. I saw vitamins were now called for as part of the plan. Any other major changes?

  15. Who cares about a mole on a wide open board anyway?

    2big, I hadn’t heard there were big changes to the plans. Have you heard much about them? I have a hunch, though, that nothing about the culture there has changed.

  16. culture? The site is nothing like it was when Christen and Becky were there pushing the low low cals etc. ( I am sure the orders came from Kimmer)

    Things are definately different OhyeahBabe. Everyone is supportive of the other, and there is a good theme of healthy eating and no starving allowed. Changes have been made.

    2Big- I most certainly am following the healthy fats and protein, with plenty of veges now. I always have, even before it was promoted. I won’t argue with you about tweaking etc. The plans have changed, no doubt about that!

    Have a great day all! I notice Derek came by, how wonderful!!!


  17. DANA

    You must have some very special tracking ability as Derek didn’t commnet for you to know he came by.

    I know you were eating better then the old Kimkins plans DANA I was asking about the changes since you said it had changed.

    So has Kimkins added more fats and veggies to the plan now?

  18. “culture? The site is nothing like it was when Christen and Becky were there pushing the low low cals etc. ( I am sure the orders came from Kimmer)

    Things are definately different OhyeahBabe. Everyone is supportive of the other, and there is a good theme of healthy eating and no starving allowed. Changes have been made.”

    Dana, there was never a question about members being supportive of each other. Don’t blame the pushing of low cals on Christin and Becky. They were following rules set in place by your all mighty diet guru. I don’t care how much the site has changed. That is not the purpose of the suit. She lied plain and simple.

    “2Big- I most certainly am following the healthy fats and protein, with plenty of veges now. I always have, even before it was promoted. I won’t argue with you about tweaking etc. The plans have changed, no doubt about that!”

    And the question here, even though the plans have changed what scientific evidence is behind them that they are safe and effective? Where is the doctor that will put his/her name on the diet? Who wants to validate Heidi who has some real credentials?

    Changing the diet is no excuse to being lied to in my emails. Changing the diet is no excuse to fake success stories on the web.

    I really hope you are well Dana, and I wouldn’t deny anyone a healthy long life.

    “Have a great day all! I notice Derek came by, how wonderful!!!

    Yes, and I hope he agrees to a video interview so we can all be at peace as far as he is concerned.

  19. I also hope he does a video, but I sure don’t blame him if he doesn’t. Everyone loves to jump on the latest Kimkins success story and beat them down. Please don’t keep that pattern up.

    I was talking about Derek showing up on LCF, not here 2Big. I have no tracking ability.

    Jill, as for your comment on my all mighty diet guru, I have never thought that she was a diet guru, and never will. I liked the idea of lower fat low carb, and she was always gracious to me at LCF and at Kimkins. I have no beef with her at all, yet she is not a guru to me or anyone I know.

    Thank you, I am quite healthy. 115 pounds down now, and may be a success story myself soon. We shall see how Derek is treated I suppose.


  20. 2big, yes there are more veges added now, and no limit on fat. Kimmer has commented in several threads herself, that there is no limit to fat, and she does not push low cals or low fat. Things have changed.

  21. Just as I suspected 2big, you guys are all over Derek, browbeating the guy into whatever it is you want. I sure hope he has more brains than to fall for this attack.

    Some things never change, and that is the mob at LCF. You are leading the way I see.

  22. DANA You have a strange definition of brow beating.

    I could have said liar liar pants on fire about every post he wrote with incorrect info in it, but I gave him the oppertunity to clarify and correct those misinformation posts he had made previously by asking him specific questions about those statements.

    I aks him what he eats now and he replied with a diet that looks alot like Atkins maintnenance.

    i ask what he ate when he was losing weight and he replied with some confliting information. One can not eat 800-1000 cals a day eating a couple eggs and a large chicken breast with a small salad, water and diet drinks.
    I pointed that out and politely ask him what he ate for get the rest of those cals since his large chicken breast and couple eggs only comes to about 440 cals.

    He politely corrected his mistake and said he had 2 chicken breasts not one every day and has extra large eggs.

    more questions and he supplied he ate full fat salad dressing

    Now having ask him questions and he answered them it becomes obviosu he didn’t follow those Kimkins diet rules in effect back in Jan 2007 when he said he was following kimkins.

    He was doing like you calling it kimkins but eating your own low cal lower fat higher protein low carb plan.

    he said he wasn’t selling Kimkins but when you are the cover story in a diet news letter you are the current spokes person model for the diet and are selling the plan.

    he has changed his mind about saying he isn’t selling the diet as of his last post.

    why don’t you in your duck disguise step in and post in support of him?

  23. I am very much in support of him, and have told him that.

    I see no purpose of posting on that thread any further, it falls on deaf ears anyway. Not worth my time there. I do enjoy posting here talking to you though. You are a smart cookie.


  24. Thanks you could go present your side of the support for kimkins.con now and she who joins you in posting on your side. debate and discussion are healthy ways to share ideas and educate folk on the facts.

  25. What I find amusing here is that you guys think Derek owes you something. He owes you nothing. No explaination of any kind of what he ate back then. It is none of your business.

    It is also none of your business or anyone’s business what he eats now. Stop badgering him 2big. You are not the diet police.

    He came in to prove who he was. Nothing more and nothing less. You all look like a bunch of crazy old hens right now.


  26. DANA
    Kevin is doing a fine job discussing things and clarifying his conflicting information.

    Why does it bother you so much Kevin is seeing that he didn’t lose weight following the kimkins diet rules?

    Why does it bother you so much that Derek is discovering Kimmer is exploiting his weight loss for her financial gain?

    Could it be cause he may send ther a C and D and she will lose her newest kimkins diet spokesmodel as she did Dee not to long ago?

  27. Kevin?

    If you read DEREK’S latest post, he is pretty discusted by it all. He finds the quacks a bit too loud and annoying. He has no intention of a C & D. He wanted to let people know he is real. THAT IS ALL.

    Nobody with a real brain follows an INTERNET leader blindly anyway. Who does that? Scary. Eat by the guidelines and make it work for you. Who gives a hoot if something is tweaked? LOL seriously, who? Would you get a ticket or a fine if you do?

    You all tried though, that is what you folks do. Not so well though, when the person is not an easily influenced crazy person like Dee.
    (no offense Dee)


  28. Why don’t you ask those folk who were on Kimkins.con and/or LCFs who were berated by Kimmer for not measuring correctly or having one to many brussle sprouts about what happened when they tweaked her diet.

    I’m sure you even have seen the member who got banned from Kimkins.con for tweaking it all the way to WW points.

    But since you are having a hard time understanding the concept try this one

    You are looking at finding a new fuel for your car. You see an article about one that runs perfect on Kimkins fuel. Gets great performance and power too.
    So you shell out your hard earned money so you can run your car on this kimkins fuel. You follow the manufacturers dierections to the T but you don’t get anywhere near the power nor are you running perfect.

    You contact the author of that article endorcing the kimkins fuel and start asking questions and discovere the person who wrote the article altered the kimmkins fuel to give himself better power and preformance.

    you are out money and possible have a damaged engine cause somebody represented kimkins fuel as something it wasn’t.

  29. I used to talk to her at LCF all the time. How in the world can anyone be berated for anything they eat? Like who cares? That lies with the person allowing that to bother them.

    I never understood, nor will I ever understand, why anything she said at LCF or KK would disturb anyone else? Seriously, why? I think those folks that allowed anything she had to say to disturb them, needs to grow some thicker skin or stay off message boards.

    She was NEVER rude to me ever, I do mean NEVER. I also never saw her be rude to anyone else who was not there just to argue. If you go in with guns blazing, expect something in return.

    Those who followed her advice or anyone’s advice to eat barebones, 100 cals like Kat, etc etc. have only themselves to blame. Use common sense people!! I don’t care what someone tells me to do, I am not going to do it blindly. So many of those “survivors” need to look in the mirror.

    Not a popular stance, but then again, I am not one of the popular gals.

    Your analogy above is a bit different in that we are talking about FOOD, and an eating plan. I sure as heck hope people would be more careful about what they are doing to their body, than they are their car.

    You are a smart cookie, but I think you need to put that brain to better use than worrying about Kimmer. Her plan is just fine as it is right now, many changes as I have said. You know what I found the other day checking out old posts?

    Well it is a post FROM Christen to Kimmer. She was showing Kimmer her fitday and Kimmer noticed it said egg whites. She asked Christan “why only egg whites? what do you do with the yokes?” This was WAAAYY back when Christen first started. So it looks to me like Christen and some others started that egg white challenge crap. Interesting. ANYWAY. I am chatty tonight. Sorry. I will get going.


  30. DANA I’d say you had a low carb diet background before you met Kimmer. Think back before you met her and your newbie days as a low carber. I’m sure you ask folk either in a forum or an email group for advice when you didn’t know what to do or had a problem and they helped you learn and succeed.

    Many folk buying memebership to kimkins did so because it promised them personel access to Kimmer. They could ask her how to do stuff and she replied teaching them how to do her plan. And I have seen her telling folk they were not losing because they didn’t want it bad enough when they posted about eatng more then she recommended for them.
    I saw a kimmer exchange where the total cals for the whole menu was barely 600 cals for the whole day and kimmer was telling her she needed to cut the fat from it cause she used a tablespoon of cream in her coffee.

    No the people recieving the diet advice from her are not to blame for following her advice based on her telling them it was safe and her providing that reddress picture of herself at goal weight to assure them she had done it and was healthy and they woud be too.

    Since you read LCFs and know about Kat’s words you also know in theose 19 topics there have been hundreds of folk posting about personel coaching they recieved from Kimmer to lower their cals when the scale didn’t move and they were already eating less then 600 cals. check some of theose ask kimmer topics.

    I saw the Kimmer CHristin exchange about that egg yolk. I think you need to read a little more after she ask her about what she did with the yolks. Kimmer talks about restricting fats.

  31. You and I will just have to disagree on who is to blame I suppose. Did Kimmer ever say she was a doctor? I don’t recall that. Why would anyone not do some research first? THAT I do not understand.

    Yes, I had lowcarb experience. I had DIET experience, which I would guess 99% of the people who joined her site also had. DIET experience will tell you that 100 calories is not enough. That is elementary school stuff.

    So for them to not do their own research, and take the word of ONE person on the INTERNET of all things, I do place the blame on them. Sorry.

    Personal coaching is one thing. Taking that coaching and not questioning anything is another. Come on people! God gave you a brain for a reason, use it!!!!!! Always question things, ALWAYS.

    If I was the one that Kimmer said to cut that T. of cream from my coffee, I would laugh. HARD.

    Common sense. I also saw her say that if you wanted that ONE PERFECT cup of coffee a day, then have it! Cream and all. So we are seeing the same thing from different angles I guess.

    Ah well, enough for tonight, its time for the WORLD SERIES!! lol


  32. Gee, Dana, I didn’t know I had a Turd in my pocket while doing Kimkins. What do you know, you obviously did not have communication with Kimmer and others who told you how to do the plan back then to lose a pound a day. You do know there is such a thing as PMs don’t you? Do you think a scam artist is dumb enough to put everything in writting in a forum? The things she did, she deleted. However, I’m sure she will say she never deleted anything. yeah, right!

    I followed the plan as instructed and unlike some, I take instructions well. You don’t know what I was doing at that time the contributed to not getting the calories in during the day that I would like, but then again, as I said, I had NO hunger so even thinking about eating didn’t occur to me until I’d realize I hadn’t eaten during the day.

    I’m happy Kimmer has one supporter. She needs it. I hope she is paying you to be her spokesperson. Why doesn’t she come here and state her position, oh yeah, she uses the lawsuit as an excuse.

    You also seem to know a lot about Derek (if that’s his real name) and what he feels, etc. Interesting. You are obviously in contact with him. Seems strange that he is someone who NEVER posted on the Kimkins threads except, until he lost his weight and to come back a year later and give an update. So that tells me you know him. Well, more power to ya. He seems like a nice, intellegent, young man and I doubt he needs somebody else speaking for him. Let him fight his own battles or just go away for another year. His choice.

    Be sure to tell Heidi Hi for me and I’d say I’ll see her in court, but, the way it looks, you will be there too, so I’ll see ya both!

    Why don’t you take this battle to LCF’s and let the other in on your thoughts. Can’t handle it, can ya!

  33. LOL whatever Kat. I have spoken with you before on LCF, don’t wish to contribute to the mob any longer, but thanks for the invite!

    Derek is a big boy and can take care of himself, and THAT he is doing.

    See ME in court? AGAIN LOL.


  34. hey DANA was the perfect cup of coffee reply posted on Kimkins.con?

    Actually lots of folk didn’t have low carb diet experience that joined her site and got into trouble.

    Knowing how to low carb doing atkins and then lowering your excess fat intake a bit isn’t going to harm you cause you alrerady now about the healthy fats, low glycemic veggies and all the vits and minerals you need from reading Dr Atkins books.

    But the virgin low carber is reading the Kimkins “book” shared by Kimmer on her website, in PMs and emails from her and in her ebook. BTW Did you read the Ebook?
    there was a huge lack of teaching the basic fundamentals of low carb eating like knowing your protein intake is not just providing for your growth and repair but through liver glucogenessi is provididng the glucose we need on a daily bases. If one does not eat enough fats and proteins then ones body protein becomes the source material for glucogenesis even if one had 100 extra body fat pounds.
    If she had explained to her members that certain body parts were going to need dietary protein as their fuel source no matter how much they weighted instead fo reassuring them if they had extra body fat they had all the energy they needed stored on their body. I doubt the eggwhite challege would ever have been created, but if it had then knowledge based posts by memebers of the site quoting Kimmer about that protein as fuel needs would have been in there helping them learn it was a dangerous bad idea.

    when you have a diet website you need moderators who understand how the body works to help teach members that so they too can help teach other members. Paying it forward is the fundamental principle by which the low carb community has been working till Kimmer created the pay for it kimkins.con site. Since they paide her for the knowledge she had an obligation to teach it to then correctly. they should not have to know if she was telling correct info or not based on past diet experience.

  35. To me this is like Anna Nicole Smith selling TrimSpa.

    She lost weight, she said she used TrimSpa to lose that weight. Does that mean that I should run out and get me some TrimSpa because she said so? (may she rest in peace )

    Heck no, I would do my research and find out what the fudge was in that stuff. No offense to Anna of course, but I sure as stuffing would not connect the dots that way. ( yes I use carby words to replace the bad stuff )

    As for whether Kimmer should have trained folks doing the moderating, or she herself should be trained, check out some of the many many other DIET sites and tell me they are all following those rules.

    You folks keep calling me a Kimmer supporter, like that is a bad word too. I believe I have said many times that I support the site, the plan and that she has always been gracious and kind to me, through PM’s and in posts.

    I have never seen otherwise. I also think some of you take the things she says in an odd way. Taking it too personal.

    I see the same statements, but don’t see it the same way. I suppose some are just more sensitive than others. In any case, we all have our own opinions and I stick to mine.


  36. Yes, the perfect cup of coffee was posted in KK, yes I read the Ebook

  37. Dana,
    Why the heck would you bring my name into your little discussion? Especially, offending me and then saying sorry Dee…no offense.
    The funny thing….you gave a lot of information about who you are in that statement. A lot. That I know of…only two people at KK publicly called me crazy. One, seldom if any posts anymore. The other….has a lot of time on her hands here of late.
    You are standing behind a diet plan that you do not follow (at least as it was originally written). The person that has publicly called me crazy before, does not follow the plan as written, yet has to be in there posting everyday and even in the past has cozied up to Heidi.
    I assure you…that I have a brain, regardless of whether or not I “blindly” followed an Internet…leader..uh…no…an Internet scam artist. In fact, if your who I think you are….I matched wits with you one time…and you turned tail and run.
    You brought me back into this….I was content to lurk.
    Yeah, I’m a little crazy….and I like myself that way. But, insane, is to come out here, standing up for something that you don’t agree with, a plan that you don’t follow, to defend a criminal…..all for the sake of being the center of drama. But…then again….that’s who you are at KK too, isn’t it….a drama queen.
    I’m guessing….the DUCKS will soon be able to verify who you are….if they haven’t already. One mole….flushed out.

    Thanks for bringing me into it…..your two sentences about me….were very ….enlightening.


  38. P.S. Easily influenced…moi…..did ya happen to read FWK 16, 17 & 18. Dear lord….more bricks hit my head than made up the Great Wall of China….yea…easy…that’s what I am.

  39. Dang…this is my last one, I swear….but another clue…..”the popular girls”. See, your making me pay way to much attention. If you wanted to remain “DANA” and not reveal who you are at KK, and the real world… was better to leave the personal insults to me…out of it.

    Sorry…OFFENSE was taken.

  40. Like I said, no offense Dee. I was trying to make a point that not everyone is swayed like you were.

    I won’t insult you any further, my apologies.


  41. Oh, and no, I am not who you think I am. I never heard of you until I saw you at LCF in the thread of interest.


  42. I’m sorry Dana….tell me who wasn’t swayed like I was. As far as I can see….I was one of the more vocal ones. Have you followed any of the stories. You are clearly someone who knows me fairly well. And, being so….you know that I don’t take the “crazy” type comments too well. So, I’m guessing you knew that you’d generate a response if I was out here.
    I don’t know all the stories out there, but let’s just hit a few of the more recent ones I can think of….AmyB, LauraLa, me, and now Derek. So, I’ve come up with 4.
    Now, your turn. Beat me. Come up with 5…who have come out here honestly being who they were, defending their point, and not ended up seeing the light.
    We can come up with a gazillion, who have come out here….hiding who they are and spouting a bunch of nonense only to turn tail and run. I want names of people…who came out…were who they were….and then retreated. Heck…can ya even given me 1. The smoke & mirrors thing….well, it takes away from your credibility.
    I’m beyond the insult….now, I wanna see your point…

  43. interesting DANA that you didn’t know about Deedlynn until FWK didn’t Kimmer send you a newsletter where she was featured? Didin’t you read the Kimkins.con forums where Deedlynn was one of the popular girls according to Kimmer?


    Dana Has already told us who she is. maybe you missed it on one of my posts in Jan 08 before you came out

  44. Dana….there is NO WAY…that you were/are an ACTIVE member at KK and did not hear of me until LCF…FWK thread. Not that I’m all that…but I was EVERYWHERE out there. I spent way too much time out there.

    Someone like DEREK who posted 3 times there…probably has no idea who I am….

    But, if you were an active member at KK at the time that I was banned…there is no doubt that you heard of me before FWK.

    Let’s back up and try again.

  45. Dana, you said Heidi was never rude to you. NEVER. Really? Never? Don’t you think that lying to you day after day after day after day is a little rude? I suppose she wouldn’t have a need to be openly rude to one of her best sock-ups… er… suck-ups, but don’t you think lying to you is rude? How about using you? Or maybe she’s just not as rude as you are so it doesn’t register for you. You said “You all tried though, that is what you folks do. Not so well though, when the person is not an easily influenced crazy person like Dee. (no offense Dee)” No offense, Dee? Now why would that offend Dee?

    You’re blaming the victims for falling for Heidi Diaz scam. While it’s lovely that you are so superior to everyone else that you consider yourself unscammable, I do hope that when the time comes that you get screwed there will be people who empathize with you instead of telling you it was your fault. Meanwhile, consider looking into therapy for that emotional abuse habit you’re so proud of.

    Obviously you are smarter than Heidi Diaz is, if you knew better than to take the advice you paid her for. Why did you pay her, by the way? If you had all the answers, and the ability to research, why did you need Kimkins?

    My hunch is that there’s a reason you stick by Heidi Diaz. My guess is MONEY.

  46. Derek for one.

    As for seeing the light? What light would that be? Join the mob after they badgered you for a long time? AmyB also. They badgered her endlessly.

    I have read and participated in each and every thread in this saga, so yes, I did see what they did to you, and if you look closely enough, they still do to you.

    Seeing the light, I find that statement very funny actually. There is no light to see. Things have always been the same, you just choose to see it from a different angle. We will agree to disagree.

    As for the Crazy comment, you have said yourself you are a bit crazy, and when they were badgering you endlessly you did become a bit crazy for all to see. I sure cannot say that I blame you. It was over the top what they did, and you did not deserve it.


  47. No, 2Big, I rarely get the newsletter until very late. She was already on LCF by that time. I think those who are banned must get it first. lol

  48. OhyeahBABE- lets see, lying to me day after day after day? LOL I don’t remember her lying to me. Actually when I saw the red dress pic I laughed. She is a writer and she had created a character that worked for a long time. Kudos.

    I never took any of it personally. I wonder why so many do? Who cares if she was not who she said she was. You might find this funny, but there are LOTS of folks who sell things on the internet that are NOT who they say they are. I don’t take it personal.

    Dee, I am and was an active member. I am in a few challenges, obviously not the ones you were. I had never heard of you until I saw you on the LCF thread. I now look back at posts and see you were everywhere, but at the time, I did not know who you were. Sorry.

    Again, I don’t believe anyone was a victim. Just my belief. I am making no money stating my point of view. If you want to just argue, well have at it. lol. I really do not take any of this personally. I am very sorry that so many of you do.


  49. Dana,
    You obviously take it personally enough to spend quite a bit of time out here…uh…defending KK.
    I mean, I know why I spend time out here…I know why I post.
    But if you don’t take this personally…which by the way….being scammed by a fraud is personal. But, if you don’t take it personally, why the need to keep coming out to “stick up for”, something that you really don’t believe in.
    It’s like you really don’t have a passion for KK, Heidi or her diet. You don’t really follow her diet. You half-heartedly participate–(remember, you were just in a couple of challenges…you never saw me before FWK), so why is it personal enough to you…to come out here and spend so much time….just spinning your nonsense.
    I spend a lot of time on things that are “personal” for me. I spend a lot of time on things that are a “passion” for me. Is your “passion” DRAMA…since this is not personal.
    Just can’t really figure you out. At least when I was standing up out here….I was standing up for something that I took…”personally”.

    BTW–still waiting for your answer of 1 name…only 1 name of someone who came out here….really trying to defend their belief…being honest about who they were….and did not end up being enlightened. 1 name. I gave you 4 recent ones….off a LONG LONG list…..where’s your 1 name?

    Sorry, you must have forgotten to answer, in the midst of trying to convince folks…that this is not personal.

  50. Is there any reason you are holding that post I made above for moderation? I would like Dee to see it. thanks.


  51. DANA

    sorry you guys are commneting too fast and it jumped off the display screen of commnets waiting for apporval. Guess I need to check more often.
    Never had 2 pages worth of them to approve

  52. Dana,
    I am one who had no experience with low carb until KK. I didn’t buy into ATKINS…because my understanding of it….(without reading the book) was eat as much bacon as you want…eat as much cheese as you want…and lose weight. So, Heidi…gave me my first education on low carb (God help me!!!).
    Now…yes…TrimSpa…uh…enhances their ads. I’m sure that Anna Nicole was airbrushed and photochopped with the perfect body. But, it was done within the bounds of the advertisting laws. (If you disagree with the law….write someone else on that one). Yes, I’ve bought things…just to see the little tine ** stating results not typical, again within the bounds of the law.
    Your right…Heidi created a character. BUT, the article was NOT FICTION. There were to be NO “created characters”. Do you think that WW thought it was a “character” when they published the story. FICTION sold as TRUTH = FRAUD. FRAUD is ILLEGAL and not within the boundaries of the law. How hard is that for you to understand.
    I’m glad that you are so savvy, so well versed, so worldly that you “laughed” when you saw the woman in the red dress. That “defense mechanism” seems to have served you well, to keep you from feeling scammed or defrauded.
    Me….not so much. Dang–another blow to my self esteem. I thought I was savvy, I thought I was well versed, I thought I was worldly…and I thought….someday…I could be the woman in the red dress.
    Ya know what makes me mad….Ya know what fires me up….Not that I might disagree with someone on separate sides of an issue. It’s that someone defends against me on an issue…when it’s something I’m passionate about…and they are doing it just for sport.
    The more you try not to INSULT…the more insulting you become….because…you have made it clear that you never believed Heidi….I DID. I have a reason to be passionate about it. You don’t want Heidi to be right….you just want me…to be WRONG. That…my friend….is very very INSULTING.
    Being as you are clearly defending Heidi…you have nothing to lose…by being yourself out here. Your not gonna get banned.
    So what is your payoff in all this…
    –Money (you deny)
    –belief that the KK diet works (you deny)
    –Drama (no comment from you)
    Tell me Dana….what’s the payoff.

  53. Dee, I answered you above. I came here recently because of the Derek thing. I am not PASSIONATE about diet at all, nor Kimkins, nor Kimmer, et al. I just don’t get the microscope that you newsletter people are put under.

    I enjoy a good convo now and then, and 2big is gracious enough to allow it here. I don’t go to LCF to post any longer, only to read. I enjoy READING the drama, just not participating.

    No, I am definately not a drama queen. Quite the opposite.

    I believe I have said my opinion, and I will leave it at that. Have a nice day.


  54. Dee, she didn’t say she’s not making money. She said she isn’t making money stating her point of view. Interesting response.

  55. Dee, I answered your question at 11:17 am above.

  56. AH HA! I see why you are so angry at her, you did not have the prior experience of LCF when she was there. Makes alot more sense now.

    Of course you believed her, she was a stranger to you and very charasmatic. I have a much better understanding of where you are coming from then.

    Have a nice day.


  57. DANA you are seeing the light

    those folk who arrived at Kimkins.con from the WW article and through the affiliates links didn’t have the benefit of LCFs neither.

    they believed she had lost that 198 pounds very fast eating what she said she had and following her own advice she was giving to them.

    they had no reason to believe she was lying and the pics were fake.

    DOn’t forget she also had on the site at that time over 35 fake succes stories with both before and after pics lifted from the bridal sites saying they had followed her advice and were at goal weight and healthy too.

  58. Well, thanks Dana….for bowing out of a conversation…failing to address the points made…and bowing out gracefully.

    Makes me wonder…you are so aggressive when it comes to some of the others out here…but with me…you almost come across as…well, sorry that you dragged me into it. Makes me think…you know me and now your sorry. Especially, since I’m not the only one that didn’t know her at LCF first, but rather…many simply know her from WW. Your …attempt at proving a point….is weakening with every post.

    But…you have a nice day too….

  59. Now DANA if you don’t post how can just how does this work?

    “I am pretending to be one of your little duckie friends on those threads”

  60. Not sure I was trying to prove a point, or that I am bowing out. I just don’t want to argue. I have stated my opinion only.

    I am not being PAID at all OhYEAHBABE. I am not a paid employee of Kimkins or Heidi.

    I am a believer in the site as it is now. I am a believer in the plan as it is now. You guys are fighting over something from before. I get it. I don’t want to argue with you about that.

    I laughed at the red dress pic, because I was used to the pics she had up at LCF. Not because I was superior to anyone. If you had seen her pics daily on the other site, the red dress pic would be a big RED FLAG. So I laughed. Others got MAD.

    Now I see why those that did not have the benefit of LCF before, are so mad. They did not have the other reference.

    Dee, I honestly do not know you. I FEEL like I have come to know you through the threads only. I have read very few of your KK posts. I just thought it was odd how you were so mad at her after defending her. Now I see it more clearly and I AM sorry that I called you crazy. I get it.

    Aggressive to others out here? I only get aggressive when someone points the gun at me. I will not just stand and take the bullet. Like you, kind of.

    2Big, yes I see what you are saying in that the folks coming in from the outside did not have the same benefit I did and several others did.

    I still do not understand the hatred for anyone who chooses to stay at KK and follow the plan as it is now. There really is little reason for that. Yet, when someone is put on the Newsletter they are automatically attacked.

    There is nothing that cries SCAM right now. Heidi’s pics are no where to be seen, and she does not even promote herself any longer. The SCAM is in the past. So leave those who choose to stay alone. That is my number one point I suppose.

    Of course you will disagree with me, just because you can. So I am not going to argue it.

    I have addressed points made, so if you have more points, ask away.


  61. 2BIG, that was written in January. I have not posted in a few months. That is why I said I don’t post there anymore.

    If you want to figure out which one I was, you probably could figure that out. Not that it matters anymore. I have calmed down quite a bit since then! lol

  62. DANA

    just trying to keep this an honest exchange. Seemed like you were changing who you are with several conflicting information posts. Glad you clarifed the information. Just as I and others did with Derek asking his questions about statments he was making that didn’t match other information he had posted.

  63. Yes 2Big, that is fair enough.

  64. Dana
    You said that Heidi was never rude or mean to you. I think people who lie day after day about who they are and what they stand for..are called liars and that is rude. Then again maybe that is okay with you.I wonder if sometimes it scared some of you KK ladies that Dee came out and is doing great on her own. She does not need the cult or the cult leader. Wow. Then again..karma is a bitch..,right?

  65. Dana said”There is nothing that cries SCAM right now. Heidi’s pics are no where to be seen, and she does not even promote herself any longer. The SCAM is in the past. So leave those who choose to stay alone. That is my number one point I suppose.”

    Wanna make a bet? You have obviously not been visiting my blog. There are a couple of videos to show you all the sites using pictures that Heidi has been given a c&d on. Video proof Dana. What do you mean she doesn’t promote herself any longer? Do you mean she is such a failure at the diet she pushes that she will not show herself as a promotional model for the diet? You might be right about that.

  66. AMYB welcome to my blog fell free to post any questions or commnet you want. Please know my blog is rated G though

    DANA did you just agree with me? that there was nothing bad about us asking Derek and you for clarification of conflicting info?

    Nother question. you have said kimkins has changes and there isn’t any fat restriction on the eating plan any more and more veggies. so what makes it different from Atkins now?

  67. Cult? lol Amy, it may have felt like a cult to you, but never to me or to anyone I know there. Sorry to dissapoint. What she lied about is on her, it does not affect me one way or the other. She is going to have to deal with that.

    Why would it scare anyone that Dee left? I think you are putting way too much focus on how it was for you. I have read most of the things you post, and I have to say my experience is nothing like yours was. That is ok though, it is YOUR experience.

    You seem to have had some emotional relationship with her, that I did not. The whole free membership thing, and keeping you from talking stuff, I never saw or experienced anything like that. We have nice polite conversations and she never tells me what I can say or not.

    Like I said before, I never knew Dee there, so her leaving did not have any effect. I just felt that you and her were treated very harshly at LCF, and yet you have embraced it now. The flip flop of both of you, I found strange. But honestly, to each his own. It seems you have found your new cult, er home.

    2Big, I am agreeing that it was ok to do that here with me, in this small section that I visit. With Derek, the poor guy was ambushed. I should not say poor though, he handled himself fine. I never really saw any inconsistencies of substance with what he was saying.

    I would say that the plan is the same as it was on LCF back when I first started it. Before some poster named it Kimkins. It was a cross of Atkins and Stillmans. I would say it is closer to Atkins than Stillmans because the latter is definately barebones, no fat or vege stuff.

    Jill, yes I have seen the video’s on your blog. I am talking about on the site, the front page, she is not promoting herself like she did before. The average person who is checking out the front page will see none of what used to be there.

    Like I have also said before, I am not promoting the person Kimmer is. I said she has always been gracious and nice to me in every conversation or pm we have had. I can only go by my own experience.

    2Big, I know you are emphasizing the all CAPS in DANA for a reason, and that is ok. We all know my name is not DANA, just like your’s is not 2BIG. lol

    Anything else?


  68. Oops…is that because I used the word Bit**…if so..I am sorry..maybe I am too PG for
    I am a very good girl. I really am.

    And one more thing…Why is it always what Heidi has done now. What about what she did before. I mean..there are tons of ladies just like me who still suffer the effects from the Heidi from before. Do we not count? That is sorta like saying well the person in jail is a better person the past does not count. Heidi ONLY changed her ways..if she did even change her ways because she was trying to cover her butt. And it is not working.
    Heidi was wrong and she still is. The past counts and there are a bunch of us ladies who are still dealing with these ongoing issues everyday.

  69. DANA
    I address you how you signed your commnets first. go look you used all caps so you are all caps DANA for me.

  70. AMYB I just wanted you to know before you used a word was all I tell all the new folk it is G rated

  71. So DANA are you saying that the posted rules for kimkins are not those Kimmer posted on LCFs nor the ones on Kimkins.con this time last yr?

  72. Amy, I am still trying really hard to see what Kimmer “DID” to you ladies. I guess I do not understand how she personally “DID” anything.

    I am sorry that you are suffering effects of eating too little, or whatever caused it. I truely am. I am not heartless. I have sympathy for anyone who suffers in any way.

    This is where my opinion of victim comes in. It is not a popular one, but it is just my personal belief.

    I have already stated how I feel about this, so I will not go into it again, it is posted above.

    I am not trying to insult anyone at all, because what you experienced is yours to own. I cannot comment on it. I just don’t happen to agree on where the blame lies, that is all.


  73. The posted plans are different from those on LCF and those that were on the KK site last year, yes.

    LOL 2big, I thought you were sending me a cute message with the all CAPS, my bad. I am not Dana, but I am Dana on here.

  74. Cult is a word used by many when they talk about Kimkins.con….and I think you are much closer to Heidi Diaz then you would want any of us to know.
    The only emotional anything I have with Heidi is a very strong dislike for liars..and people who hide behind fake names and fake pictures. Oh and I almost forgot..attack innocent children cause they can not fight their battles with the grown up’s.
    Dee and I were banned almost a year apart. We also joined and posted at LCF in totally different ways. I am not sure what issues you are referring to ..but as for me..I have no issues at LCF. Your idea that LCF is a cult for me is too funny. LCF is not even my diet web site home.
    Tell me…do you think Heidi was wrong to lie to all the people about her 118 pound MILF body ? Was she wrong to steal a Russian lady picture and use it in WW mag to sell her diet? Was she wrong to pretend to sell the diet site to HIDE from everyone? Are you willing to answer any of these?

  75. DANA

    Oh I know you are not DANA anywhere but on the DUCKS blogs.
    but I am 2BIG4mysize or 2BIG with a link to here everywhere I am

  76. The dynamic on the FWK thread is curious. 2Big you seem like you are level headed and asking for input on here, but when you go there and post, its like you have become one of the good ole gals club, pat me on the back crowd. Strange.

    Ah well, I am done.

  77. so what are the new posted plans since we last discussed them in jan 2008.

    I trust now that Kimmer has learned what the words lean protein mean she has removed that restriction since you said the fats are no longer limited.
    DO you have a transition to maintenance plan written by Kimmer on the site yet?

    I must say that would be very discouraging to me to be on a diet that has no plan written for me to maintain my weight loss once I put in all that hard work to become a goalie.

  78. DANA

    WHat you don’t think Dee used her words well? you yourself said after talking with her that you understood better about the folk without the LCFs backgrounds just as I posted there. Dee doesn’t always use her words well and will be the first to admit it so clapping hands for Dee doing well was in order

    you mad I shared your commnet about laughing in Kimmers face on there? Surely you are not scared Kimmer will see it and ban you, but you and I both know she has banned folk from KImkins.con for less then that.

    and if you think it is wrong you could always post a commnet about it with your Duckie account.

  79. No, I am not worried I would be banned. I just find the attitude on that thread strange. That is all.

    I could use my duckie account, but I don’t feel like going into all this again over there. I don’t like the pile on attitude. It seems like 100 to one, and that is just not my style.

    I thought Dee did just fine here, I applaud her also. She is a fine person, I just thought she acted a bit crazy at one point. It is good to see her fire and gumption. Good for you Dee.

    I will talk about the new plans tomorrow. I’m tired.

    Guess I am not done after all. I do like it here better than there. If you don’t want to continue this though, that’s ok too.


  80. AMY- yes, I think she was wrong to lie about her body and her wt and the russian brides. I never saw her direct post about your son, so I cannot comment on that.

    I am not closer to her than I want you to know.

    I think Cult is a dumb word, and it does not apply to what I know at KK in any way, shape or form.

    Amy, I saw your posts on earlier FWK threads when you were still active at KK. You were being questioned and probed at that time, told to get out. You said at that point that you did not know what you were going to do. It seemed painful to watch to me. Of course, we know how it ended up. That is all I was referring to.


  81. Dana..
    Yes it ended up with me being banned from Still not sure why. I think it had something to do with a post about a steak.
    BUt thank Gosh I was forced to do what at the time I was not strong enough or smart enough to do..
    You are right the ladies at LCF were pretty hard core to get me out of Kimkins.con. They asked some very hard questions and I had no good answers. But in the end I got banned and all ended up good in the end.
    As for Heidi talking about my son. Trust me she has a way with words and young kids. Maybe you missed some of her “special” blogs.
    So tell me close are you to Heidi?

  82. DANA

    You have repeatedly said the current kimkins.con should left alone cause things have changed.

    Marisol has post adressing your contention about things are fixed on Kimkins.con and we should let y’all be because of those change. I think this part says it best

    If I buy a car with a check that bounces, should I be allowed to keep the car just because I presently do not write any bad checks?

    Of course not.

    Kimkins.con should be shut down.

  83. Dand –

    I have a little story for you over on my blog …

  84. Sorry bout that, that is DANA … my bad.

  85. Sorry….got behind on this blog thread….life interrupted.

    Dana….you are sadly misguided, misinformed or misunderstand if you think that nothing cries SCAM right now. You are kidding aren’t you? Every day that Heidi takes one dime from another consumer….she is scamming. Everytime, she shows pics/stories/etc from people that have sent her c & d letters, she is scamming. Everyday that she logs on with her pom poms (perish the thought), encouraging folks with her pinky challenge, all the while downing capt morgans and sugar cookies…she is scamming. (Speaking of SCAM, what about those that were planning on meeting her in Vegas.)

    She now peddles ATKINS, instead of KK diet plans. You can get ATKINS on many LC sites for free…so what is she selling. A community of support…that’s out here for free.

    Do you honestly believe that she is earning an “honest” living? And, if you don’t believe that its an “honest” living, then how can you support it? Do you earn an “honest” living? (None of my business…just food for thought) I do…and I resent Heidi thinking that she’s better than the rest of us….But then again, from what I hear, she has always thought she was better than everyone else.

    Not a cult? Again…are you kidding? How many references do you see in the KIMPOUND regarding other LC sites? How many ads to you see for LC vendors? products? How many blogs are mentioned to find more support? I don’t recall seeing any of that. (Let me guess…that’s part of the new change.). If Heidi finds that you are participating out here and that you might have an independent thought….your banned. If you think she doesn’t operate as a cult leader your sadly mistaken. I see an Eating Disorders psycologis and when I told her about the site…her very comment was it was “cult like” behavior.

    Finally…people were scared that Dee left. No more than the two that left in front of me…AmyB and LauraLA. I would more say that many at KK were “startled” that Dee was banned. I was so active in the site and supported KK so much that I had people searching me out. Occasionally, I will still have someone pop up in my email saying they found me. Why, not because I’m anything special, not because I lost weight….because I was all over KK, I was in chat, everyday and sometimes 3 times a day, I was in threads all over the place and challenges and finally, the place that everyone seemed most intrigued with….my journal. I’m not an English major, so the grammar stinks. But I write with no “filter”…if it goes through my head, it comes out my fingers. People related. That’s why people were “startled”.

    Now…Dana…it’s late and I’ve really blabbered on here in true “me” fashion…..but I have a question. This is troubling to me…because of the “point” you seem to want to make.

    You say…that you came out now, in support of Derek.

    Derek seems to have done quite fine on his own. It doesn’t appear that he ever needed anything from anyone…

    But, where were you when I came out. Did ya read anything that was being written? Did ya think I needed some support? Where were ya? Your point was to support Derek, because of what happens when folks venture into FWK out of KK. There have been others before Derek….I’m one….where was all your concern then?

    Your arguements fail to have any logic behind them at all.

  86. MomTWO/PRUDENTIA- you did not do a very good job of fact checking before you posted your story. I suggest you do a bit more. It is funny though that just because you think you have it down, that you are correct. There is more than one person involved here, but unless you are an admin at LCF you won’t know that.

    Nice try though.


  87. So are you saying you are not deb294evr?

  88. Are you sure Deb/Dana? Cause one thing I know about prundentia..and I do know her oh so well…she usually knows her facts…so….hummm…who should we believe?
    Well if you are Deb…you seem a little less fired up then I would think. What I know of you ..Heidi was bragging to me that you wanted to beat me up for her. How..sweet..or what are the words you like to use. Jr highschoolish.
    I know you must think you are all that to Heidi. Her special friend. Or maybe her star student. Trust me we have all heard those words..right Dee? But she will send you out to do her dirty work..( oh I know she did not send you..yadda yadda yadda) and then all of then sudden you are GONE.
    Heidi uses everyone…even her own children.

  89. Dana said:

    “but unless you are an admin at LCF you won’t know that.”


  90. Hello Dana…..(insert a wavey smiley here). It’s me….Dee……
    Care to respond? Especially to the last paragraph…where were you when I needed support?

  91. 2BIG- No I am not.

    Prudentia is incorrect. Prudentia’s Friend makes no sense.

    Where was I when you needed support Dee? Not there, sorry.

    AmyB, yes I am sure.


  92. DANA your double negative is confusing me

    So is that
    1) No. I’m not deb294evr

    2)No, I’m not saying I am not Deb294evr
    so you are deb294evr

  93. See the thing about Prudentia…is she does what it takes to get what she needs…LMBO. Nah..she is a good girl..kind of. You say she has to be a are right. So then you are Deb294er..right?

  94. Dana…
    Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me. (Sorry 2big–that’s as G rated as I feel right now.).
    You come out here…call me out here and that’s your response… EVERYTHING I have said.
    You are as calculating in your actions and responses as HEIDI. Things that make ya go…Hmmmmm.
    You absolutely knew that calling me crazy out here would get a response, if I was reading it. You absolutely knew…that when I get onto something….I don’t usually let go….I think it’s been said that I beat a dead horse.
    You seem to know….mentally….how I will respond to anger and aggressiveness, as well as passivity and niceties.
    So…”not there, sorry” is the response I get.
    I have made several very specific points to you. You have absolutely NO COUNTER to any of them.
    It’s like you want to engage me in a “conversation” and then you throw up the stop sign.
    It’s funny….that’s EXACTLY what Heidi did to me in PM’s before she banned me.
    I wonder…is deb294evr / DANA her next spokesperson. Maybe she is learning as much about choosing people to do her dirty work, as she is about “tweaking” the diet and making changes.
    Since you brought me into this….I think the least you could do is provide me with some reasonable explainations to the points I’ve made. You may never agree with me on the issues….but you should at LEAST be able to intelligently present your side.
    Do us a favor next time? If you don’t want to engage in meaningful dialogue….then DON’T POKE THE SLEEPING DOG. (A little ticked right now…can ya tell? )


  95. Good job using your words Dee and AMYB too.

    I hope you were unaware of the package sent to AMYB and were in no way involved in that blog saying she has MBPS.

    Looks Like Derek has learned well from his discussions with the DUCKS and is breaking the links to his pics so they can’t be distrubuted like the russian bride ones were. unfortunately Kimmer hasn’t broken her links to them nor him.

  96. Gee, Dana/Deb or whatever your name is…you were so “active” on this blog until “others” came in and started questioning you…what happened?

    You did tell 2Big you would admit to who you were if she/someone got it right, didn’t you? So you are saying, no one has figured out who you are yet?

    Curiosity killed the Kat….satisfaction brought her back!

  97. So Prudentia is an admin at LCF, are you the one who banned me? Nice.

    Enjoy your fight folks, I am done with all of you.


  98. Something that has been on my mind this morning. Why would we think Dana/Deb294er would say who she really is even when we know who she really is..Heidi has been caught red handed and has NEVER one time owned up to any of it. Yes I know she sorta half butt did some lame thing about why she lied about who she was etc. That was pathetic.
    So let’s try this one more time.
    Dana. Are you deb294er? Yes or no?
    If no? Who are you? And who is the relative that is using the same IP?
    Gosh that sounds so silly typing it. But hey I am willing to ask if you are willing answer?
    You are willing, right?

  99. Oh, and I know 2big and Amy were the only ones who had my email address. So the co stars are named.

    Until I got banned at LCF I was on your side, but since then I have been on the other side, now I am firmly on the other side.


  100. Crud, I forgot to add, that no I am not Deb, that would make me Gina.

    What PRUDENTIA/MOM2ELI/ADMIN does not know is that I have another screen name at LCF, and no I am not going to give you any information. It is not at the same address, so don’t bother trying ms. admin.


  101. I did not send or have anything to do with any package to Amy. I emailed her once or twice maybe a while back. Nothing else.


  102. Dee, since I am coming out of the closet sort of, I will admit that I am not a member of Kimkins so that is why I never saw you all over the site. I should have checked first.

    Sorry. that was a good catch. I should have left you out of it.

    Since this gig is up, I am out.


  103. If you have any other nonsensical questions you can email me, since I am sure you all have it by now.


  104. Supporting Heidi Diaz is similar to supporting any company that produces a POTENTIALLY harmful product. For example, let’s consider the recent controversies involving melamine in Chinese food products. If you were working for one of these food production companies and saw what was happening, you might very well silence any internal worries you had by saying, “I eat these products every day and don’t have a problem and I’ve never met anyone who had serious health issues by eating them. Yes, I see my bosses don’t exactly tell the truth and it kind of makes me laugh to see how gullible the public seem to be.” Apparently, many did exactly this, as the melamine is present in a large percentage of their food products. Imagine how many people HAD to know. First of all, even if health issues did not develop, the companies were still lying about their product and cheating the public. Second, as we know, there are very real health issues many experienced because of their corporate greed. With either point, the companies do not deserve to be in business.

    You may or may not be a paid employee of Heidi’s. However, if you promote Heidi’s plan that both lied about the promise of her product, and resulted in health problems for many, you are no different than those in China who either kept silent about the melamine, or continued to promote their products knowing about the lies and the POTENTIAL harm.

  105. Sorry Guys we were out driving all day

    DANA lots of posts from you and I have no idea where to start

    you say you never joined Kimkins yet you kept insisting things inside had changes so how would you know they changed if you aren’t a member to see those alledged changes?

    Email address? no email address was used to my knowledge in this sleuthing as nobody has ever ask me for your email address.

    you posted about things in a specific challege inside kimkins.con yet you say you are not a member so how exactly would you know the content of that challenge’s support posts?

    Are you saying somebody feed you info from the inside to post here on my blog about what was alledgedly going on inside Kimkins. I’m shocked.
    you were outraged I had folk sharing from inside kimkins.con and yet you were doing the same thing.

    And just curious since you were here defending the kimkins plan and saying you ate kinkins why did you say you were doing WWon LCFs another lie?

    And lastly I’m wondering how you could be one of my little duckie friends since Ginastevens34 didn’t join LCFs until days after that post.

  106. dang…I’m feeling good about myself tonight….I believe one of my phrases….”turn tail and run”. Your caught Dana…no matter what your agenda is/was/continues to be….

    So, here is your crossroads. How about do the right thing? I have found the group to be very accomodating once you ATTEMPT to do the right thing.

    I am still outta the loop. If you were never in KK, why the heck you fighting this fight. Especially on that side of this fight.

    Wish I could insert the little “puzzled” smiley here.

  107. Well Dana…
    I have No idea what your email address is because you seem to not want to say who you are. If you are Deb294er then I am sure we have never e-mailed and I would have no way of knowing your email address. Deb294er is not a fan of mine and I am sure not a fan of hers. So no emails between us.
    I am curious…are you scared of Heidi ? I mean why else all the game playing? I have a feeling that you are scared she will get upset with you for coming here and getting carried away with your comments and before you know it…your password will not work. Happens to the best of us.
    I know you did not ask ..but let me give you some advice…you might as well say who you are and get it over with cause the ducks can be pretty hardcore when they are looking for info. They usually get what they are looking for.
    Feel free to email me if you want and we can talk.

  108. OH and as a after thought…
    I would like to have your email address so maybe I can understand where you are coming from in all this….so please do email me so I can contact you. Because as I said I do not have your email address.

  109. P.S….I’m sorry, where are my manners. It has been pointed out that you (Dana) apologized to me. Yes, apology accepted…for calling me crazy…’cause…I sorta am.

    But…since I’m here….I didn’t know enough about you to realize that you were banned on LCF. But if, Im understanding your post correctly. You were banned on LCF. So, as an act of vengance, you decided to “side” with the KK folks. Even, though, you weren’t part of their group either. Just a complete act of vengance.

    Hmmm. Okay…forgive the political incorrectness of this analogy, but it’s the one in my mind that mirrors the absurdity of what you are saying.

    So…you’ve been an illegal immigrant in the US for a while (you know some folks). Immigration finds out and sends you back home. So, you decide the best thing to do is begin defending the Taliban against the US. Even though you have no idea who they are, what they stand for, who they’ve hurt or the sins of their past. Is that close?


    Dana, whoever the heck you are….(can I have a shakey head smiley please). Before you leave, since all my other questions are a moot point now. What were you trying to accomplish? and have you been able to accomplish it?

    I need a drink!

  110. Dana, though I am an admin, no one here has said I’m an admin at LCF. If you’ve been banned from there it is clearly for a violation of their TOS.

    This comment of yours is most interesting:
    “Crud, I forgot to add, that no I am not Deb, that would make me Gina.”

    It is really clear you ARE Deb, and that you are Gina. I understand your need to separate yourself from the little mud puddle you’ve managed to make for yourself, though.

    Funny part of all of this is, if you hadn’t made such a issue of the whole catch me if you can routine, no one would have bothered looking.

    As far as I can tell at this point, you haven’t done anything on the level of Crispybread/Gary. My only issue with you is that you implied you were, as 2Big says, a Duck-Mole. We need to really pay attention to those. Beyond that, I have other things to work on. Still ferreting out anonymous, you know.

    What you find amusing we take pretty seriously. There is a lot at stake in all of this, even if you don’t want to accept that.

    Good luck, Dana … or whomever you are … LOL

  111. I am a 20 year old college student. You sort of figured that out the first time you looked up the IP didn’t you?

    I have another screen name at LCF where I got all the information I need. Email me and I will fill in the blanks.


  112. She’s obviously a lying liar that lies

  113. DANA
    I’m shocked you have been lying to me all along?

    YOu clearly said you were not a college student earlier in our discussions. You repeated that denial several times.

    Now you say you are a college student. you can’t have it both ways or are you now saying you and somebody else have both been pretending to be DANA with the same IPs?

  114. Ladies…
    Maybe you are being too hard on Dana/Deb294er/Gina/college20 year old girl…maybe she does not know who she is. Why else would she pretend to be so many different people all in one thread? Things that make me go hummmmm……

  115. childish games….what a sin

  116. Oh, and if you put as much time into your school work as you did here, ya might get better grades!!

  117. You are shocked I lied to you?

    I was shocked you knew I was a college student. So I denied it. Why would I tell a stranger I am a college student when you know where I am? So you can contact the department? No. I have a job there.

    This whole thing just got out of hand. It was fun at first, but not anymore. Peace out.


  118. It just so happens that Dana/Deb are both fond of using the word “ick.” Also, she just happens to be 52 years old as she was born on September 16, 1956. Guess that makes her so not a 20 year old college student.

  119. DANA

    so let me see if I understand your new position

    You are a college student, never a memeber of the kimkins.con who was just trolling the antikimkins websites posting Get a life and you decided to stay on my blog and talk about kimkins diet and argue with other commnetors.

    you had no knowledge of the inside of the kimkins.con website because you were not a member just a college student yet you knew the name of a challenge topic inside the kimkins.con site that has NEVER been discussed on any blog nor LCFs.
    Not only did you know the name of the challenge you knew information in that topic which you shared here that implicated somebody else with the same IP as you.

    You said you were one of my little duckie friends yet the account you claim to be registered days after that post so you couldn’t be a duck even.

    you say you were on our side yet your posts here and on LCFs don’t bear that out.

    what to explain those facts too?

  120. OK Dana…
    It was fun at first. Fun for who? I’m not sure that I got one ounce of enjoyment from this. I think I said somewhere out here…this was either personal or a passion for anyone participating.
    I think you had a passion for drama (aka your fun) and unforrtunately it turned into something personal…your ousting.
    Not that you care what I think….but I think you need to start acting either 20 or 52, whichever you are. Right now a see a ridiculous little girl making prank calls, asking if we have Prince Albert in a can. Then the little girl gets mad when we have caller ID.
    Actually, it’s a little sad….It was fun. Gee, I have a lot of fun in life, and I never thought of …whatever this is you are doing….as a means of FUN.
    Might I suggest volleyball, board games, cards, walks with friends, working out. The kinda fun…that can leave you feeling upbeat and positive…..not make you look silly, juvenile and …uh…”crazy”.

  121. See Dana the more you talk the less believible it gets

    You are shocked I lied to you?

    I was shocked you knew I was a college student. So I denied it. Why would I tell a stranger I am a college student when you know where I am? So you can contact the department? No. I have a job there.

    Since you have a job there and you knew I knew you were a student why come back at all and post all the discussion of the diet commnets you have posted?

    Why come here this time to talk about Derek since I have no posts about him on my blog?

    no, there is more going on then just a college student on a lark

  122. “Double, double toil and trouble;
    Fire burn, and caldron bubble.”*

    Dana, admit it…you love stirring the pot. It’s all a game to you. Perhaps YOU should “get a life.”

    * (from MacBeth by Wm. Shakespeare)

  123. How Do I know so much about the inside of the site? My mom is a member there and she loves it. So what. We work together, and she talks about it. So what.

    Yeah, I am her daughter. How many of you would support your parent? I am not afraid that you could hurt my job now 2Big. At first I was not sure.

    I have done nothing to anyone. I thought it was fun to talk to 2Big. So what. I did not go taunting everyone on their blogs. I never left anything but a few messages after the first round.

    I support my mom. She likes the site, I read what she wrote on LCF a long time ago. It is easy to get all the information I ever could want on Kimkins from that site.

    I still have another name there, that I used when I was pro Kimkins. I then got the Gina name when I saw that Amy was leaving and I wanted to tell her I was sorry. I started to see your side and that did not sit well with my mother. I even stopped doing Low Carb altogether and went to WW. I’m still fat so that does not work.

    I am now sorry that I sided with you guys. You are very evil. I don’t even know if Amy remembers me writing her, but I did. It was in suport, nothing bad.

    You can keep saying I am her, but I am not her. She told me to stay away from your blog 2Big a long time ago, and for awhile I did. You can confirm that I did not come by for awhile.

    I came here about Derek for a reason that you might find dumb, but It is true. He is a guy who I thought was cute. So what. I saw his profile brought up on that thread, and when he showed up, I wanted to say something.

    Well really , I think my first posts here are about the anon and how you were really going hard for the time line. The infighting was funny to me.

    Yes, it is entertainment to me, and not to you. That is why I am done with this. I have done nothing harmful, just alot of talk. So what.


  124. DANA,

    Yes you arrived on my blog this time “talking” about annonymous but it was after Derek’s pics had arived on FWK topic and you are the one who steered the discussion to Derek here as I have no blog posts about Derek.

    I’m glad you have come forward and explained some stuff. I was beginging to think Derek was either your big brother or your son the way you were fighting for him. And since you have lied in the past I have to wonder if just thought his pic was cute is true or a new lie to cover your relationship with him.

    I would like to point out however that NO you can’t learn all you want to know about the kimkins plan on LCFs because Kimmer evoled it on her for pay site when she left LCFs.

    Nor can you know about what is going on inside the kimkins.con site from talking with yur Mother as all you’d get was her interetation of what is occuring based on her contacts and her reading. I’m sure your professors have taught you to research a topic better then that.

    While I enjoyed our debate about the kimins diet I don’t enjoy knowing you were lying during those exchanges and you have borrowed your Mother’s “identity” for much of this discussion. I’m sure she is none to happy about you doing that. there is a big difference between supporting a parent and running around on the net posting lies about something a parent is involved with. I’m sure you are very proud of your Mother’s weight loss and I pray she did it wating the way you have said you were doing kimkins here with the higher fat content and the extra protein and the extra veggies.

    I was never going to go after your job for posting on my blog and I turned down an offer from the IT control officer at your location to investigate when your info logged on here said you using an account from a Professor there and you said you were didn’t know who he was and the information was not correct. Once it was explained that the information could be from any one using the facility I dropped the matter.

  125. Ok, I told AmyB that I am in very deep trouble with her right now. I am sorry. I am sorry toeveryone.

    It was fun for awhile, but not now or ever again.

  126. oh I just want to point out that while DANA did not say who her mother is in her post above Deb294evr has confrimed DANA/Gina is her daughter

  127. Dana, you played a very dangerous game on the Internet and if I was your Mom, I’d kick your butt! How childish! I feel sorry for you Mom.

  128. Naw … not buying it yet. Now, if Deb294evr wants to post out in the open, say on your blog here, 2Big, I might consider they are in fact two different people. Then I’d promptly kick my kid’s butt for interjecting herself in the middle of a class action lawsuit with the sole intent to disrupt the people involved. My 9 year old is even brighter than that.

    In any event, it will take a bit more than your say so and someone’s say so in a PM at this moment to convince me.

  129. I don’t completely buy into it either. There are two many things that don’t add up.

  130. I’m not one to share PM’s…but…again…a little ticked here….and looking to figure out WTH…

    This is a PM that I just got at LCF from DEB/DANA…or whoever the heck she is.

    Deedlynn… I will tell you what I have told the blog owner and Prudentia who is calling me out…. I do not post on blogs.. I have never posted on blogs.. and I will not start…

    My only concern is for my daughter who is highly depressed and disturbed over this whole thing she started.. I do not care about anything other than this…. I am furious that she started this mess and that all of you have continued it….

    I have talked with Derek here and he is getting the same thing….why do you people do this?…do you not know how negative this is?.. I will never understand this behavior….do you not remember how you felt being roasted like this?… it has to stop.

    END PM…

    I let her know that I was ticked and she said…I misunderstood…she was not talking about me…but the others….I’m sorry….”do you not remember how you felt being roasted like this?” sounds like it is inclusive of me.

    Further….I don’t think anyone is ROASTING Derrick. I think there has been some decent dialoge…maybe a few personal pokes here and there…that I don’t agree with….but certainly he didn’t come out guns a blazing like I did and he is not getting roasted like I did in accordance.

    DEB/DANA…whoever…go take care of each other or whatever…the best way to avoid the drama…is not to keep coming out and stirring it up.


  131. it seems DANA had a long conversation with AMYB yesterday

    and that is what DANA’s mesage on here yesterday about being in troube and telling AMYB was about.

  132. If we are to believe they are Mother and daughter and let us not forget folk have preteneded to be 2 folk in a situation before

    I had several PMs on LCFs from Deb294evr about this and laid the facts about DANA the internet commnetor on her as she seemed to be uninformed about what her kid did.

    I understand now that she does know what DANA the internet kimkins commnetor did on several blogs new PM are arriving to those who got the angry one yesterday. Dee I hope you were included in those.

    Here is the one I got

    Posted by Deb294evr
    thank you for letting me know all of this…. no I did not know everything that she said…. I spent most of today finding these things out and more…. I did not blame you guys for this……I most certainly did blame her…..she is to blame… I said I blamed everyone for piling on…..but now I see you had no idea who you were dealing with… so I am sorry that I even put it that way… she was wrong…. very wrong.. and we are trying to cope with what has happened and what she needs to do to get herself together…

    I do want to say you treated her kind.. and so did Amy…thank you for that also…

  133. 2big…no I did not receive that response from Deb, but it sounds like a couple of you guys did.

    In all fairness, I ended my PM to her that I had nothing to say to her, she needed to logoff and go take care of her daughter. So, given the benefit of the doubt, that is likely why I did not receive the same information, when Deb had all the information.

  134. And….now….correction…I received a similar post from Deb in my LCF PM within the last 30 minutes.

  135. I find it interesting that both Dana/Deb “talk” to Derek. hummm

  136. yep there are some strange word choices being made

    It would be nice to know if DANA was doing okay at work today and controlling her web use to help her heal and not falling abck into trolling again

  137. You know, trolling can be an addiction, lol She was so much into it, I don’t think she can stop now. I think she really liked the attention. Kinda sad if you ask me.

  138. Hi 2big;)

  139. Hi back at you!
    I see you have been a busy lady while I was gone!

  140. hey DANA how is the real you doing with your new eating plan?

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