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ANA’s version of Atkins percents need frankenfoods to acheive

           As many of you know I have been working with TippyToes to make the transition from kimkins to a higher fat plan for those folk going to Camp.  Since I have been doing Atkins from 2002 and called the Atkins center back in 2002 to get my info if anything was confusing like how high is too high for protein and how low is too low for fats I was teaching her that and explaining how the fat percent of the total diet slowly comes down as we move through the phases and find our individual carb limits which for most folk means always having more then 50% of our total cals as fats. Tippy has moved to Atkins but was struggling accepting the higher fat percents in her diet as being the way to go.

               Since she had doubts she went to the Atkins website, joined up and posted asking about the % for  the plan. She got it from the top, Colette Heimowitz (a person who was there with Dr Atkins and I’ve quoted from articles she has been quoted in when explaining protein intake for induction to folk questioning the amount they need to be eating. I saw her in a discussion with Dr Atkins so i know she isn’t some Johnny come lately ANA spokesperson.), BUT

 the information Colette gave to Tippy doesn’t match up with the Atkins info from 2002 nor does the math make those new percents a safe diet to do based on Dr Atkins teachings in his books.


Lets look at them

Colette Heimowitz
Subject: Re: Fat in Atkins Diet
Date: 17 mins ago
First let me say that thsi is not an exact science, however I could give you some general observations, but of course, individual responses will vary depending on carbohydrate tolerance.

Here is Fat/Protein/Carbohydrate Ratios for phases;

Induction is typically 60/30/10 or 60/35/5

OWL can be 50/30/20

Maintenance can be 40/30/30

There is no way to eat a healthy amount of calories doing induction at 10 % carbs eating whole natural foods as Dr Atkins stressed in all 4 of his books since we are limited to 20 net grams

even with 10 grams of fiber and eating all 20 net grams for 30 caloric counting grams of carbs gives us a total of 20+10 (total caloric carbs in grams) times 4 (cals/gram of carbs) divided by .1 ( for 10 % of the total calories) which is a 1200 cals total for the whole day.

let me show you how using frankenfoods it can be done and since ANA has redone the rules of induction to include 1-2 servings of frankenfoods a day for inductees and ANA new sample menues have a bar every day ( even though the bars violate the ANA induction rule about the number of net carbs for induction legal at 5 but that is for another blog page.)
our inductee above gets hold of some other companies frankenfoods that that company claims are 4 net carbs even though the package says 27 grams of carbs  ( Atkins has several 27 grams of carbs but using the information on their nutrtional label I can only get the net to 10 for the lowest one and that would violate their rules and force a person to eat less then the required 12 grams of veggies)  and eat them for snack along with the veggies at 12 net with 8 grams of fiber along with the 4 ounces of cheese( no eggs, spices, drinks nor sweetner packages can be eatten cause that would put the carbs over 20)

that gives our inductee 20 net counting grams of carbs but 51 actual caloric counting grams of carbs 27+12+8+4=51 allowing our inductee to now consume 2040 cals for the day with the carbs being 10% No wonder so many folk are saying Atkins doesn’t work for them and looking for alternatives

       Maintnenace isn’t much better. lets take somebody who is 150 pounds 5’6” tall and say 50 yrs old
their BMR would be 1382.7 and say they are moderate ( 3-5 times a week) in exercise since we all know exercise is a mandatory part of Atkins, so their AMR would be 2143 cals.   30% of that would be 160 grams of carbs. If they ate a normal amount of fiber and had 30 grams that would make their CCLM/ACE 130 even if they had twice the recomended amount of fiber and had 60 grams their CCLM/ACE would be 100 which Dr Atkins in Atkins For life calls the lucky few. I’ve been on the forums since 2003 and have yet to meet more then 2 folk who do Atkins and can eactually eat more then 120 grams of carbs but those folk were in the very active range and so for our 150 pounder those cals would be 2378 making that carb count go up to 178 so even they didn’t make the 30% carb level Colette says is the target for maintenance.
                   So what is an Atkineer at goal weight supposed to do?
do we exercise less so we can eat less carbs and less calories total?
Do we add frankenfoods with the mythical magical noncounting counting carbs to artificially up the carb caloric number while decreasing the CCLM/ACE number to meet our numbers cause only by using those could anybody get the numbers up to 30%


           so I have to ask is ANA  changing the rules of the Atkins diet sell more products? Cause it sure isn’t keeping with Dr Atkins plan.


for me I will continue to explain Atkins based on the info Dr Atkins in DANDR and his emmployees gave out in 2002 when I called about parts of the plan I didn’t understand and all the articles and research Dr Atkins had up on his website before ANA took over.



  1. In all fairness, I ran my curent menu through fitday and discovered I was averaging around 70% fats in a given day. I feel that getting the fat % lowered is essential to increase carbs. And sure enough my ACE is 50! However, that said, there was no way to get my calories up to a maintenance level on 40/30/30 and though I did succeed in lowering the fats to such, I gained a little weight with too many carbs while experimenting. I do believe this is not the right balance for me, be it ANA standards or not. I am now a bit over 50% fats and find maintaining easier than with 70% and more satisfying then 40%.

    My point in experimenting with the % is to help show people coming from KK that we do not have to stuff all the fats down we can. Seems KK has made some folks fat phobic. But in truth, KK people do know that by cutting the fats they did lose weight. Perhaps the key for them is to learn they don’t have to cut them to the bare bone after all to produce weight loss–with proper % of carbs and proteins. A low carb plan does not have to be too much or too little fats. I now believe my over consumption of fats while doing Atkins was why it stopped working for me. And I also believe I didn’t have to use the extremes of KK to get the weight off after all. My point is to try and set a good example for KKers with better alternatives. Many feel Atkins is way too much fat for them to lose and if they were not paying attention to the % they may be right. After all, losing weight is what they really want. If Atkins won’t work using the highest fats, why not just lower them a little as you go? In fact, I now know this is the intent of Atkins for moving up the carb ladder.

    Back to the % from ANA, there was no way I could follow it exactly as I stated. However, between the % given by ANA and what 2big has suggested all along I am finding a balance.

    Thanks for all the help, 2big!

  2. see doing a 70& fat Atkins is riduclous unless you are a beginner AND have high metabolic resistance after 14 days if induction at 65% fats in your diet.

    When we move to OWL and add those small amounts of carbs back to our plan our fat percents will naturally come down some just because whe have added for each 5 net carb additions on rung one about 30 cals worth of carbs when you factor in the fiber too.
    And each addition gives us more choices for snacks so the almost pure fat induction snacks and desserts like clouds become something like some berries and a dollop cream. pure fat snacks become something like a mixed protein carb fat snack like nuts seeds, or bean dip and veggie chips until suddenly your percent of fats is now down in the high 50s as you climb the ladder and had more healthy carbohydrates to your eating.

    And more chocies means you don’t have to have higher fat faux taters as your veggie but can grill, roast, bake, steam, or even fry a platter of graden veggies to go with your protein source and a little fat in the prep does the job.

    that bowl of chili that was all spices meat and fat now has more veggies and some beans in there too and instead of an oopie roll for every bread need if you are lucky you can try some of the whole grain tortilla or seed/nut flour based rolls and breads and your fat content goes down a little more.

    Some folk who are carb challenged and can’t get their carbs over 40 net will always need to have their fats higher but if one removes the carbs above 20 grams from the UDA based food pyramid 30% fats/10% protien/ 60% carbs
    it becomes 88% fat so percents can be a little deceptive because once I add back the protein my 150 pound example person needs based on size and the 20 grams of carbs with a bit of fiber grams too that same 88% fat become 60% fat even though it is the exact same amount of fat in all 3 examples.

  3. Excellent post, 2big.

    Thanks so much for your excellent information on Atkins and fat consumption from induction through to maintenance!

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