Posted by: 2big4mysize | April 26, 2008

Hey SWALT, why the sock puppets?

I have been answering Costa’s questions in the comments section of another blog and was shocked to discover you SWALT were not only Costa but Simplieannie too  posting on numerous blogs under those aliases. My question is why?

Are you afraid Kimmer would ban you from for asking about the health issues of the diet since Kimmer told AmyB not to post about any of her health issues again as a condition of becoming unbanned back in Dec of 07?

      Even if that is the case why are you making it personal attacking the person you want the information from? Suggesting AMYB is ignoring her family and being a bad person isn’t going to gather the information you claimed you were searching for in your latest comment on AMyB’s blog

If I knew how to contact you regarding your blog, and questions that I may have had, I was not going to post them for the public to see and I do not know your private email, if I did, I no longer have it.
Sometimes we have questions, and we want answers. I was doing some research to find the answers that everyone was complaining about. But I didn’t find why people are ill or anything to really look into yet, and now will never find out as I will not be returning to ask or post anymore questions.

and on the DMHW

Sue, on April 26th, 2008 at 6:24 am Said:

You know sometimes you have questions, and want answers, but not sure you should be asking. Well, I wanted answers, and was doing research on info given. I guess I was asking the wrong people the questions. I made a very bad choice of people to ask, and now I know.
Yes I am very proud of my wt loss, I have lost 60 lbs and I feel very good, I have had no health problems other than MILD hair loss, which is corrected itself completely. I have no complaints.
Did I start this, yes, did I ask for you to post my full name and residence, no. I may have asked for comments, but not for personal info to be posted.
Please, leave me alone, I will leave peacefully and not return to ask questions. My mistake.

             Since you yourself posted all the personal info that is on that blog site why would you be concerned it is out there as everything posted there was posted by you in kimkins/com site? Why are you not afraid to post it yourself on the net but scared it is copied to a different location by somebody else? Please don’t say you felt safe sharing it inside the kimpound since you know all it takes to access the kimpound was about $50 when you posted it and $80 now. Kimmer does no personal background checks on the folk she allows inside the kimpire. All she checks is does the credit card and/or check clear the bank and is the IP banned from her site.

Now if you want to discuss the plan out in the open ask your questions and I’ll see if I can get you the answers you need. I have already had an informational exchange with Tippy Toes about nutrition lacking in the diet and some of the health issues those missing nutrients can cause. But the best place to start would be like Christen did and take your food journals with you to see your doc and be honest and forthright with him saying I didn’t just low carb I low caloried and low fatted too and my cals were consistently under the limits for a VLCD ( if yours were) and I’m scared i have damaged my internal organs following a rabbit starvation diet plan.

However if you did like DANA and didn’t eat per the Kimkins recommendation of lean proteins, keeping your fats at or below the kimkins limits, and your cals inside the kimkins limits then you may not have any thing to worry about other then you didn’t do kimkins, you did Atkins but paid your money for Kimkins.



  1. always enjoy your posts!

  2. Thanks and I love the cheese bread post on your blog. Almost makes me wish I was just starting me Atkins WOL so I could have used those with my induction burgers instead of a lettuce wrap.

  3. And IF she did Atkins or some other modification, and paid for Kimkins, just being in those forums and posting success pictures, gives others a false representation of what can be achieved on Kimkins safely. i.e. Don’t be crediting Heidi and encouraging others if you had to tweak her plan to either be successful of keep from getting sick, weak, or damaging your body.
    I know you all want to believe we anti-Heidi bloggers are zealots and bad people, but I assure you it isn’t the case. We just see the truth, like a smack in the face, and will do whatever we can to share that truth. Someday, you might be glad we were here with a dissenting voice, as others have slowly come to realize over the months.

  4. You must be very lonely and deeply disturbed people to focus attacks on women who have done absolutely nothing but reach for the last straw. SWALT was one of those women. She had so much weight she couldn’t stand herself. She rarely left her house and her self esteem was nil. She had tried many, many of the “legitimate” diet plans and the weight still stayed high. When she read about KIMKINS, she checked it out as best she could. She went online and, oooooo, she paid $60 whole dollars, to get the plan spelled out for her. I know from experience that Weight Watchers charges as much (or MORE) and they keep pushing diet bars, fat counters, etc. SWALT also works in a hospital where she monitors her health regularly. She didn’t tell you that because, actually, it’s none of your #%@* business. She lost the weight she needed to lose and her sole reason for posting anywhere was to help others feel good about themselves. This obviously is not even close to your goal. Perhaps you have a vested interest in one of the “legitimate” diet plans and somehow profit from tearing Kimkins’ users to pieces or maybe you’re fat and bitter and feel better hurting people who have lost weight and are happy. My guess, though, is that you are a person who has never had a weight problem and has NO idea how awful it feels to be that out of control. You say that you are sharing the “truth”. Well….here’s a “smack in the face” for you….SWALT’s health is far better now than it ever was, she has learned to eat in moderation and has regained her control. She no longer sticks totally to the kimkin’s plan and has not regained her weight. Back off. Lastly, I am her sister, I know her and your attacks are unwarrented. Back off!

  5. welcome V Hall. Are you sure you posted on the correct blog?

    Seem you didn’t read the post you are commneting on as all I did was ask your sister why she is running around the antikimkins sites using fake names and attacking some folk? Nothing personel about her nor her weight issues.

    If you go read our discussion on the blog I left the link you would see you are way off base in your comment here about my attacking her.
    We were having a discussion about the kimkins diet. there was nothing attacking her as a person. As I said I was shocked to discover SWALT was actually hidding behind not one but 2 names. She could easily have had the same discussion with me as her self. I invited her to continue it in the above post as you can see but she hasn’t replied.

    I’d suggest before you attack a blogger you do a little research on them yourself before you place your guess in writing and show every one how ignorant you are about the blogger you are attacking. As a former 300+ pounder I know about shedding the pounds safely. I also researched the plans before i started.
    If I was selling a product or plan there would be ads all over my blog so you are way off base on that charge too.

    With the new personel information you have just released to the world about SWALT working at a hospital I’m glad she can research her own questions SWALT ask as Costa since rabbit starvation and the effects of a diet lacking in EFAs information will be there in the medical library there for her to see and ask about.

  6. V. Hall, you say “She rarely left her house and her self esteem was nil” and also said she “works in a hospital where she monitors her health regularly”. So how is it that a person can work in a hospital without leaving their house? Don’t you see contradiction here?

  7. Well you should always run a personal background check just to make sure.

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