Posted by: 2big4mysize | April 17, 2008

Kimkins Scam calls out Article-Gems

Many ducks have  been working hard to pull the weeds planted by Kimmer with her new round of faux dieting articles.     Kimkins Scam  wrote a very nice letter to the editor of Article-Gems explaining about the dangerous diet, the  fraud had engaged in and the class action lawsuit asking them to remove those “ads” and recived a reply from the editor in chief of Article- Gem refusing to remove the articles on his site saying their company did not endorces Kimkins.

Kimkins Scam states what we all feel about this with the following ”
The viral marketing techniques utilized by these so called “article” sites are nothing but glorified spam. I for one an sick of all of them.” please  read the rest  and take the time to send Alastair Harris, Chief Editor of Article-gems an email about those articles.



ETA Seems Mr Harris has changed his mind about removing those articles.



  1. So nice of you to publicly vilify me and

    It would be appropriate for you to add to your post – that the editor to the time to clearly examine your concerns and removed the articles as they failed to comply with our terms of service. – is not some viral marketing spam machine – like most article directories is it a great source of RSS feeds, ezine notification and gives a FREE service to readers, authors with quality information and opinions – it is a general article directory with topics on travel, politics, trades, gardening, health, weight loss and many more. With nearly 50,000 articles and growing there is likely to be something of interest for everyone.

    We have over 6,000 authors and thousands of readers each week – that’s not spam – its a success story and how the internet works.


    Alastair Harris
    Chief Editor –

  2. Alastair if you read the page you know I have already added a note about you changing your mind. But I also know it took many emails and you accused one person of being a competitor before you even examined the articles being requested to be removed.

    It really makes me wonder how fine your articles and your site are if you didn’t even know they violated your TOS nor bother to check the articles when you received all the requests to remove them.

    I am well aware of how the net works and so are folk like Kimmer who know ads disguised as articles on sites like yours will not get checked for accuracy and will be “promoted” for free by you and scattered all over the net with nobody else checking for accuarcy cause they read it on an article site on the net and everybody knows only “truthful” stuff is on your site cause it says so in the TOS.

    That is how the net works
    Maybe it is time for you to review those articles before you approve them for your site and not allow marketers to spam it with backlinks to their site to raise their google rankings.

  3. Well weel Alistar here you are claiming innocences about knowing the contents of the articles nd that one violated your own TOS on in your rebuttal comments yet on your own blog you write I’ve decided to get serious about my online ventures. The article directory – article-gems continues to grow, but the growth in adsense income is slow, so slow – my best day was $8 – I only wish that was every day. It takes time to approve articles and so many of them will just be duplicate content anyhow. so if you would could you explain how you approved the article yet didn’t know it violated your TOS nor was full of falsehoods?

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