Posted by: 2big4mysize | April 2, 2008

Many antikimkins bloggers are helping Kimmer!

Avenuegirl has done some checking and it seems alot of us antikimkins bloggers are actually helping Kimmer and not realizing it. She posted about it in her more spring cleaning page

Aveunegirl has been checking backlinks (those things that effect search engine rankings and Kimmer’s paying on her site ad generators) and many of us have or had back links to the kimpound on our blogs in commnets and in the body of our posts.

You can hover your mouse over the links on your blogs and comments and see where they go to know if you got any and then fix them.  She has compiled a list of those pages with the links from many of our blogs to show us where the evil links are so we can stop helping Kimmer and from harming anybody else. Please take the time to contact her and break those links or remove them so Kimmer doesn’t make money from your efforts.

ETA please if you got a blog follow the link to Avenuegirl’s blogand talk with her about your blog. she has compiled a list of our blogs with the pages having the links and even taken the time to find where it is for us. I’m link free and proud of it how ’bout you?



  1. Good point. Thank you Avenuegirl and thank you as well 2big, for blogging about it.

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