Posted by: 2big4mysize | March 27, 2008

Will kimmer ever learn?

For somebody who makes her living selling diet advice on the net you’d think Kimmer would be constantly learning and correcting problems with her product to avoid negative reviews of her product and unsatisfied customers.
But as can be seen in her lasted postings she still hasn’t learned.

Jo2621 shared in the FWK topic today a post Kimmer made about slowed weight loss.

“This week, I lost only 1/2 pound, and I would like to lose 2 – 4 per week as I had been doing before. I know that a loss is a loss, but I would like to keep up the rate of loss this way until at least the end of the contest.In analyzing my charts and daily menus, I noticed that on some days, I was having 23 carbs! Yikes! And this was from having a few extra veggies and dairy than usual.Also, my fat intake had gotten a little higher each week. I think I am going to reduce the amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil I use.Does anyone have any advice again?”Kimmer:
Re:Little bit of a stall… advice needed.
“I think you hit the nail on the head! 23 carbs and higher fat (plus a dash of dairy) can throw a kink into ketosis. Or stop it completely. You’re not very overweight now (smile) so carbs & calories become even more important. A person with 200 pounds to lose can still eat quite a bit and lose, although a person with 20 pounds to lose cannot.Let’s see the other suggestions, but here’s my tried & true advice:The closer you stick to plain grilled chicken, fish & turkey plus up to 4 servings of approved veggies daily … low cal low carb salad dressing or “light” butter … and 0 calorie drinks, the better the loss.See the thread I started below “Let’s Talk About Stalls” for more ideas

for the last 6 months I and others have been hoping to educate Kimmer about the flaws in her nutrtionally bankrupt plan with many others for even longer  period of time, but as can be seen by the post yesterday she still doesn’t get it.The member is complaining cause she only lost 1/2 pound last week and didn’t shed the 2-4 pounds she thought she should have and claims to be stalled.Here was a perfect oppertunity for kimmer to explain that weight loss isn’t a linear happening and for the person to be patient and see what happens next week and no 23 veggies carbs isn’t too many.

Instead she says the member hit the nail on the head too many carbs ( at 23 a day) and a splash of dairy with fats kicked her out of ketosis. It is obvious Kimmer doesn’t even understand how ketosis works.

the recomended plan from Kimmer is still lacking in  the needed EFAs. plain grilled chicken, fish & turkey plus up to 4 servings of approved veggies daily … low cal low carb salad dressing or “light” butter … and 0 calorie drinks do not contain near enouogh of the needed fatty acids the human body requires everyday  even if it is carrying hundreds of pounds of stored body fat.
 Why can’t kimmer learn the real science so she can give accurate advise to those she claims to be helping so they don’t become the next page on Kimkinssurvivors blog. We know she reads the facination topic we know she reads the blogs so why doesn’t she read some basic human nutrtion books sites or even the free advice from a trained nutrtionist who is a low carber



  1. She’ll never learn. Never.

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