Posted by: 2big4mysize | March 7, 2008

Kimmers control is weakening


Looks like Kimmer needs a stronger mind control device cause those mind controlling rays she has been sending to several kimkinettes doesn’t seen to be working. Several kimkineetes have left either because they refused to do Kimmers bidding and were banned or they finally realized Kimmer was just the human behind the curtain and not some all powerful weight loss genie who could magically vaporize their pounds with her nutritionally bankrupt plan.
  If you are on the outside now please contact your friends on the inside and help them get out.  please read AmyB’s blog about what happened to one of her friends on the inside when Kimmer tried to use her to harm Amy. 

       As many are discovering who are posting for the first time in the FWK topic ducks do not eat kimkinettes and are very friendly to those who show up and are real folk not dropping in to slam ducks nor promote Kimkins.




  1. Great post. 2Big! Yes, Kimmer’s grip is slipping as though she just ate a greasy cheeseburger and failed to wipe her hands.

    But, there is one bit of good news for Kimmer: I hear orange jumpsuits are all the fashion rage in prison!

  2. It’s all good news, that people are catching on to Kimmer’s lies. What Kimmer did, or tried to do, to AmyB, Trista, and others is mean & pathetic.
    My blog: Kimorexia

  3. Your graphic was putting me in a trance! LOL. Nice post.

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