Posted by: 2big4mysize | March 5, 2008

Tax time and KIMKINS

just wanted to warn all former  employees to carefully check their 1099s to be sure Kimmer didn’t pad the amount she claims she paid you. This could be one spot she harms you one more time. Should you discover your 1099 is in error you can notify her and report it with the IRS too.



  1. Thank you for posting that. It is true. She has scammed once again. Becky, Deni, Christin and myself have all reported making less than Kimkins 1099 shows. These numbers add up nicely for cash Heidi can stash. Or can she?

    Message to Heidi: You think the Ducks and Teidt were bad? Just wait till the IRS gets a hold on you. And they will. We all have paypal records and we can all prove what you paid out. So get ready for a nice big audit.

  2. I hope you guys all notified her of the error and then when you file with the irs you need to notify them too if she doesn’t get you a corrected 1099 in a timely manner.
    While I’m sure the governement would love to have the extra taxes you are going to pay if you ignore it you really need to fix it now cause the court records will have the payment trails too so it will eventually get fixed but it is a hassel to have to refile a corrected return and ask for the money back.

  3. With all the scrutiny on that woman, why does she keep throwing gas on the fire?
    My blog: Kimorexia

  4. actually, she reported me as having made LESS than what I actually made. Probably hoping to have me look like a liar on my taxes. But, I filed and paid taxes on what I ACTUALLY made… the honest way… using records from paypal and my bank.

  5. Good for you Deni. So she under reports a few and over reports others to mess with you all. Wonder it the overs and unders actually add up to cancel each other out and she was going to claim an “honest mistake” in the end.

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