Posted by: 2big4mysize | February 27, 2008

Kimkinette comes out

I thought about calling this AmyB has left the building like those announcement after the Elvis concerts to get folk hanging around to go to but that needs to be said inside the kimpire to be effective so i will just say AmyB welcome to life outside the kimpire. now where are those clapping hands icons when i need them.

hopefully all the folk who were there because of you will follow you out too. I know you have a lot to say about your experience inside the kimpire and with Kimmer but are in a state of shock right now at having been forced to make this change on kimmer’s time table and not yours and are mourning the cutting off from your friends inside the kimpire but hopefully y’all shared email addresses and can continue to communicate.



  1. AmyB…you need to save your friends from Heidi before the site gets shut down and they no longer have the support system they had there. Get their emails, go to another free site and continue your support for each other weather you follow KK or not. Heidi will be banning them one after the other for just supporting you. You owe that to them.

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