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when is kimkins not kimkins?

i recently dicovered thanks to a commenter who was pro that many kimkins dieters do not follow the plan simply because they do not understand the terminology Kimmer used and are actually comsuming more fat then she advised. This could account for those who say they are healthy and  losing weight while following what they believe to be kimkins

In the diet it clearly says lean protein

lean protein is defined as less then 3 grams of fat per ounce of food so a 4 ounce serving of protein will have at most 12 grams of fat in it.

When one is making a kimkins menu that means using the egg directions of 1 whole egg mixed with 2 whites and then have 4 ounces of lean ham as   breakfast would have only 11 grams of fat .

add chicken breasts  bonelss skinless to lunch and dinner and for the whole day I have  17 grams of fat. Since Kimmer was promoting the salad spritzers as dressing and they are fat free even adding a pat of butter to the pan to cook the eggs and not a spray of PAM my total fats for the day are just 21 grams.

This is why so many bloggers are asking the folk who are not following the plan (such as DANA in my comments section discussing the fats in her foods) to please call their healthy eating plan something other then kimkins. Cause as we all remember reading Kimmers posts if your tweak it ( don’t use lean proteins) it isn’t Kimkins.

Just wanted to add this recent post from another blog When are they going to quit Starving themselves? « MJR’s-Duck Squad
showing Kimmer basically saying exactly what i just posted about folk not understanding about the definition of lean proteins



  1. Thank you for clarifying this. I talked about why it’s a problem when people call it Kimkins when it’s not on my blog a while back. I didn’t really think about how people may actually believe they are doing it as written.

  2. thanks for visiting. I was going to add a link to yours and a few other sites discussion of why calling it kimkins when it isn’t helps the fraud too.

    I can add yours now.

  3. Those over at Kimkins that have no health problems ARE NOT doing Kimkins as written and ARE tweaking the plan even if they do not think they are. It is a known fact that if you do the plan(s) as written, you will suffer health problems not to mention possably get an Eating Disorder. So if you are doing Kimkins and you are not having any problems… it Atkins or something else because it is not Kimkins.

  4. If you are doing Kimkinsas written, then you will have problems, there is no question in my mind about it.
    I went really lean on the meats myself while doing k/e. I finally hit a really long stall, and the thought of adding fats back into my diet really scared me. But that is what my body needed to work properly. No one should ever cut out the fats in the way that Kimkins recommends.

  5. straight from the Kimkins Owners keyboard: ETA Dana has informed me these kimmer quotes are actually from LCFs not kimkins.con

    Kimkins is basic Atkins Induction before they began allowing candy, LC bars, waffle mix or muffins … also, no fiber subtraction.

    “Just enough fat to make your menu work” to me means using reasonable amounts of butter on veggies or dressing on salad (no need to drown your lettuce) … also includes no ‘fat’ desserts like cheesecake, Ziploc ice cream) or veggie recipes that include cream AND cheese!

    It’s clean eating, produces quick ‘real’ ketosis and allows rapid weight loss … for those who desire it (not everyone does).

    “Just enough fat to make it work” means whatever you “need” for your food choices … use the salad dressing, butter, garlic/other oil … just don’t douse anything.

    I consider cheese to be a fat (mozz, cheddar, cream, etc.) and the less you eat the better the loss … but you DON’T want to feel deprived. If you need to eat large amounts, that a different ’emotional eating’ issue.

    A poster named “Melissa” figured my Fitday and came up with an average 50% fat figure. OK by me, I never tracked fat … only carbs and protein. If you don’t go nutso on fats (cheese, whipped cream), your fat ends up about 50-55%.

    If you’re hungry, take a long hard look at your carbs … that’s where hunger comes from. If you check the threads for any meat fat, Kimkins, Stillman’s or “3 Day Experiment” you’ll find nearly everyone lost their appetite (original Stillman’s, not the “nonfat cream cheese dessert” version on this BB).

  6. Dana I posted your commnet with the ETA note that they are from low carb friends and older then the kimkins.con website alterations to the plan Kimmer has made

    However these appearant higher fat statements have already been addressed on another website.
    here is just a part of the reply to the 50% fats statement above.

    “I have seen people try and justify their fat intake with percentages, sure the percentage of fat isn’t extremely low for some BUT if you are following her guidelines then it will most likely be because you are already eating low calories. Bring those calories up to a sensible level whilst keeping the fat to a similar level and watch that percentage plummet!

    If you are following any authoritative type of “guidelines” to justify your fat percentage, just keep in mind that as well as the fact that these guidelines are in the context of a high carb diet, these types of guidelines use percentages based on say a 2000 calorie diet not a 500 calorie often seen on Kimkins. That makes a big difference in the amount of fat you eat as I will illustrate below…

    To show this I made up a kimkins bootcamp menu minus the small amount of limited veggies. I used 2 large eggs, 2 oz lean ham, and 2 times 4 oz raw chicken breast. This gave me:

    477 cals 20g fat 1g carb 68g protein and the percentages worked out to be 39% fat 1 % carbs and 60% protein

    So then I decided to use kimmers maintenance menu that she posted on LCF which allegedly runs between 1200-1400 calories as an example for foods to add to it plus I added in a glass of milk as she claims in Jimmy’s interview that she has a little milk…
    Now I was hoping to go for a higher calorie menu by using her as a guide, but I had trouble getting over 1200 calories (suprise, suprise) which was supposedly her bottom end. But if you go by her interview with Jimmy it is now 1400-1700 calories (yeah right!). So the menu of 1168 calories will have to do. I did not add any sauces etc as she states in that post that she doesn’t use them for maintenance. What we have now is:

    2 large eggs, 2 oz lean ham, 8 oz whiting, 8 oz raw skinless chicken breast, 2 cups salad greens, 1 cup spinach, 1 cup raw cauliflower, 1 cup boiled potato, 1 x 100 calorie danone yoghurt, 1 cup no fat milk and 1 medium banana.

    This came to 1168 calories, 26g fat, 86g carbs and 150g of protein. Percentages were, 21% fat, 25% carbs and 54% protein.

    So here we have a 477 calorie menu with 39% fat turn into a 1168 cal menu and 21% fat even though the fat has increased slightly in the second menu by 6 grams. Could you imagine the fat percentage if it was 1500 cals with fat kept low? 😮

    This is why when eating low in calories you shouldn’t be relying on a percentage to say that you are eating enough fat and why you should be adding fat back in to increase those calories. Do not make the mistake of increasing your calories with low fat products or fruit and veggies only.”

  7. oh and DANA,

    here is a post with actual number limits from Kimmer herself
    “It’s best not exceed the 1000 cals,, 20 carbs, 20-30 fat grams, and keep the Protein at 60-90 grams per day. These are the limits for newbies, but you will find that as you stick with the plan you will see lower numbers in all the above categories. If you have any other questions or need help PM me anytime, I love to help.”

  8. All the quotes from Dana comes from the same thread on LCF, dated 07/20/2004: Kimmer Questions. This was long before the Plan Behind The Plan was launched on Kimkins

    And you are so right about percentages. They don’t mean a thing. Look at the grams instead.

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