Posted by: 2big4mysize | January 23, 2008

Why battle Kimkins

here are just a few of the reasons

 Which Road (or ship) Will YOU Take? « MJR’s-Duck Squad
 kimkins A Disaster Waiting To Happen « HMS Kimtanic 

this one shows a side of kimmer many may not have understood in thinking about the reasons some joined the batle

but for whatever reason somebody joined the battle I am grateful they are trying to make a difference and keep more pages on Kimkins survivors from being created.



  1. Keep up the fight, 2big! And keep the faith!

  2. Thanks OYB this is a battle everybody needs to be part of because diet is still a VLCD and still is too low fat to be healthy

    I really don’t understand why Kimmer doesn’t change the plan to be a healthier one.

  3. Kenni on FWK explained why we are doing this:
    “I ran away from KIMKINS, and I stayed away because I seen what damage I was doing to myself. After leaving, I decided it was best for me to stay as far away from all of this as I could. I took time for me, I healed, I moved on. Kimkins no longer had any power over me. But now I find myself here, sinking myself into these threads and I have sat awake at night trying to figure why I can’t pull myself away from here. I found my answer after reading your post of Hungry Hungry Heidi’s from the Jimmy interview. I am pretty much a lurker here and don’t really contribute much, but I like this board. I have found that even after i thought I had dealt with all my KIMKINS issues, I haven’t. I am angry. I don’t know how to deal with this anger. HHH is not a person you can sit down with and talk about your issues. That is how I deal with anger, going to the source. But that is not an option in this situation.
    I find comfort here. I feel that there are people dealing with the same issues I am. I hate that other people are feeling like I am, but at the same time, I am almost happy to feel I belong among these people. Please don’t take it as me meaning I am happy that anyone had to deal with this situation. Without all the hard work everyone has put into these threads, I would be lost. You are all my God sends. My anger eases everyday when I see the steps taken against HHH. You are my outlet.
    I don’t like to say much, I tend to be a private person but I have to say thank you to everyone that insists that this thread stays open. Reading about how everyone goes out of their way and donates so much time and positive energy to see that HHH comes to justice is amazing. Even if she isn’t put to justice in the way we all see fit, please know that all your efforts were never wasted. You have helped so many of the silent victims that she has tried to ruin by her scams.”

  4. Thanks for linking to my blog. I think it’s so important to show the damage Heidi has caused with her unhealthy diet. There are still people who don’t understand our “fascination” with her evilness. But, once you read those stories, you walk away knowing, full well, how dangerous she and her diet are. The fraud is easy to see! But, there are still those that defend this incredibly dangerous way of eating. How? I’m not sure. Brainwashed & Disordered Thinking – Both come to mind.
    KUTGW, 2Big You’re awesome!

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