Posted by: 2big4mysize | January 2, 2008

IS Tippy Kimmer’s right hand man??? or is kimmer after $2,000,000+

many of us have seen the  comment on   that was written by Kimmer saying Tippytoes AKA Jeannie Baitenger is still doing kimkins and is her right hand man.

Those reading my blog know I have been discussing with Jeannie AKA Tippytoes the short comings of the eating plan.  When I saw that post I contacted her about it since she had assured me she was in no way affiliated with nor Kimmerany more before we engaged in the discussion. I received an email from her about it which she said I was free to post. however I feel her reply on that site says it better so here it is

Lets look at this logically and with the added context of events that preceded Kimmers comment on that site.

There was a post by becky made in anger slamming everybody by her choice of words who posts on LCFs  and those posting in the fascination topic of which she herself has posted. this was addressed on the site she posted it and in many blogs and on the fascination topic in mid Dec.

Becky apologized for her words and many folk moved on.

Some dug up more on her and it is discussed in blogs and on forums.  Jeanessa who was the initial party in the lawsuit against kimkinsstarts getting emails from those who had joined to certify it class action saying they want out unless becky is removed. Jeanessa posts about it. And folk discuss it. Jeanessa reveals she doesn’t have enough folk yet to get class action status in her opinion.

 Kimmer, who we all know reads the fascination topic, sees a way to keep her $2,000,000 in frozen assets and gets to work.

Out of no where the above comment signed by Kimmer appears on a site those working to shut down kimkins.commonitor. Remember this notice appeared only on that site, no pro kimkins sites, nor inside neither, only on that site and only after a comment saying Jeannie had left and was no longer working for kimmer.

the comment gets picked up by the forces fighting to shut down and is posted on the LCFs fascination topic and discussed. is tippy a mole? is she really still working for kimmer? distention in the ranks. will more folk not join the suit? will more folk demand Tippy be removed or they want out?  

If I’m getting sued and my right hand man is now a trusted member of the other side’s case do i really want to tell the other side “hey stupid Jeannie is still affiliated with kimkins.con, is still promoting my plan, and is still my right hand? Not on your life. I’d be running her into the ground as a back stabbing lying traitor to maintain her cover.

so lets do the math and look at another possibility.

  right now we know with the $400,000+  house, the cars and the $1.6 million dollars in cash frozen by the judge Kimmer stands to lose over $2,000,000 when the class action lawsuit gets certified and she loses.

BUT if folk keep pulling out and refusing to join if certain folk are on their side in the case then only the folk already listed on the lawsuit get to be part of the case. Assuming everybody there now is it, based on Jeanessa’s post and if everybody paid the max for their membership that is less then $60,000.  So for the 30 seconds it took Kimmerto write that comment she has turned a potential $1,940,000+ profit.

Now does anybody really think Tippy is Kimmers right hand man?

Please folk if you paid Kimmerfor a membership to join the lawsuit. it is very easy all you have to do is click this link  , download the forms and print them out, get your siggy notarized and mail it back.

that is it. Easy isn’t it.  you don’t have to go to court nor testify against Kimmer. So are you willing to join, or are you going to let Kimmer keep that $1,940,000+ dollars she scammed you and all the other members out of. Or even worse create even more victims for kimkins survivors.

Remember there are only 2 sides in this lawsuit Kimmer‘s side and everybody else’s side

ETA seems I have comfused several folk with the comment link. Kimmer posted her statements about Jeannie AKA TIPPYTOES as a commnet at the bottom of the rebuttal Jeannie wrote back in OCT in her capascity as PR director for that is where the above link goes. moved it out to its own page here but again Kimmer posted it as a comment buried in a site only those battleing the kimpire have been frequenting lately so it would not be an ad for campcarbaway as some folk have suggested.



  1. great post! I sure don’t want Kimmer to keep the money!! Join the lawsuit now!!

  2. thanks I hope many many more of those 30,00+ former mebers of will join the lawsuit and it will certified class action against Kimmer

  3. I sure hope we can get shut down!!!

  4. tippy has changed her mind about allowing Kimmer to continue to use her pics and success story to promote her dangerous diet. A C and D has been snet to and Kimmer

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