Posted by: 2big4mysize | December 1, 2007

Has Tippy toes flipped? yep she has

12/4/07 update Christin has had communication with Tippy and she apologized read more

It is great that Tippytoes has seen the errors of her ways and will help in taking down the kimpire.


There are strange happening in thekimpire.

1) Tippy Toes the person who 2 weeks ago went on the Mike and Julia show defending the kimpire and informing the world she had made a vow to correct the wrongs on and blaming the former admins of for the unhealthy  very low calorie problems with the kimkins diet  types a message on the kimkins site saying she was having issues with her computer and her husband.

2) using a different name Tippy Toes sneaks into Eating Low with Amy and posts an introduction never once mentioning she is in fact the infamous tippy toes. you can read a copy of the intro here  thanks to the detective work of HONEYBEE

No apology to the folk who she caused harm to by banning them from who had gone to Amy’s forum as refuges. No confession of her past kimkins mistakes as an admin are in it. 

 A deliberate attempt on her part to hide the truth from both the members of the kimpire and the members of Amy’s forum leaves many wondering what she is up to. Has Tippy Toes flipped as Deni, Becky, and Christin have and really seen the errors of her actions  or is she using the undercover nic at Amy’s to steal recipes and maintenance information to return to the kimpire with? inquiring minds want to know 

YUSTYUCKYhad requested an interview with Tippy Toes prior to those events for her to discuss her intentions regarding the kimpire but no reply has been forthcoming.

Edited to add this just in Tippy Toes having been caught lying in her introduction and hiding her identity  has posted a message to the members of Amy’s forum you can see it at Medusa’s blog

End of the road for Tippy Toes on eating low with Amy as she as been ask to leave and is no longer a member.  I’m sure she will end up on some small low carb board in the future.



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