Posted by: 2big4mysize | September 23, 2007

Things to do with $60 instead of buy a kimkins memebership staff have instructed memebers of that nutritionally bankrupt diet the creator didn’t follow and maintain her weight loss with to title blogs  Things to do with $60 instead of buy a memebership  I thought I’d link folk to a sane site about what one could do with the money instead of being scammed by Kimmer’s fake loss plan on

YOu can check out the story of the scam on theses sites and find even more sites that are dedicated to exposing this dangerous VLCD

  • Kimkins Exposed
  • Anti-Kimkins
  • Becky: Winning Weight
  • Christin: The Journey
  • Deni: Open Bench
  • Free Kimkins Free
  • Jimmy Moore’s Apology
  • Kimkins @ Slamboard
  • Kimkins Controversy
  • Kimkins Dangers
  • Kimkins Sucks!
  • Kimkins Survivors
  • Kimorexia
  • Kkatastrophediet’s Weblog
  • TRUTH Starts Here
  • 3 Fat Chicks: Anatomy of a Diet Scam
  • Inside Kimkins
  • A Pinch Of…
  • How Jeanessa Got Scammed
  • How Much Body Fat Can You Really Lose In A Week?
  • Jersey Girl: Thoughts on Kimkins
  • Kimkins Circus
  • Advertisements


    1. Hi, 2Big
      Thanks for the comment on my blog (Medusa).

      “…so we should go to all those blogs on the goodside’s lists and leave our URL? and avoid those on the darkside?”

      iYes, exactly. It’s a hassle but worth it.

      I used Technorati to add each of the blogs/websites as my favourites. If you go to Technorati, you can set up an account (it’s free) and add your blog to their site. Once you’ve done that, you can go to the Favourites page and add all the URLs for the blogs.

      Here’s Technorati’s URL:

    2. Hi,
      Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your posts on LCF are packed full of information and are always informative. I have added your blog to my blogroll and I look forward to reading your blog.
      Take care,

    3. Bless you for your kindness and love, in helping others to heal so that they may move forward in health and happiness. You are loved by many, and your words will help many more.

      ~Kimkins Survivors

    4. thanks guys I’m new to blogging and didn’t realize your comments were stuck in limbo till I clicked them. sorry.

    5. Great post, thanks! Say no to Kimkins!!

      Stop the fraud! If you were a member of Kimkins, join the Kimkins diet lawsuit! Here is how to join the Kimkins lawsuit. It’s easy!

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