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Atkins house of eating

Being 2BIG I can’t not post something about Atkins so  for anybody thinking about shedding body fat and getting healthy at the same time here is my Atkins Way of Eating philosophy. Is all about making simpledietchoices .


Think of your Atkins Way of Eating (WOE) as a house you are going to buy and live in permanently. You have a unique oppertunity cause you will be both the owner and the builder of your new WOE.

        You have the blueprints and owners manual from Dr Atkins in  DR ATKINS NEW DIET REVOLUTION 2002( known as DANDR in the low carb world). In there you will discover the phases the legal foods and why they are legal, the science behind what your body is doing while you eat low carb, how to repair any troubles you have and how to maintain the house for a life time of healthy living eating low carb Atkins style.

  Like a house Atkins has different parts called phases that are all vital to making your house structurally sound and easy to maintain. Induction phase is the foundation and like all foundations it takes some prepwork. We have to clear the site getting rid of the high carb junk food that helped make us the overweight person needing to lose the weight. We have to be committed to doing the work too cause you can’t order a load of cement and have it show up at the site and just be dumped there for use when we are ready. We have to be committed to working the induction plan for a full 14 days. We dig those footings and with our first shopping trip order the materials we are going to build our foundation with. It has to be quality whole foods veggies, healthy protein sources and healthy fats. Once we get them home the hard work begins. We have to mix the materials in proper porportions of carbs , proteins and fats so our foundation is strong enough to withstand a life time of eating this way and not being tempted daily with off plan eating. Just like cement the mixture has to be correct and then needs to cure for the correct amount of time. As Dr Atkins says 14 days being strick with our eating isn’t much when we look at the whole life we have left to eat healthy carbs we can’t during those 14 days.

  At the end of our 14 days We can either start the framing of our house of Atkins WOE or we can built a full basemesnt under our house. the choice is ours based on how we answer the questions Dr Atkins tells us to use as our guidelines in chapter 13 of DANDR. I built a huge basementdoing extended induction for about 7 months. Other goalies I know jumped right into the framing.

    Like all houses the framing OWL phase of Atkins is very important for making sure our house of Atkins WOE doesn’t cave in around us when we move in as goalies. We need to trest the materials and decide which ones we want to use as part of our life long WOE. Dr Atkins gives us the materials to choose from and the schedule of use in chapter 14 with the carbohydrate ladder. it is our job as contractor and owner to test each type of timber ( that would be the food groups listed in the ladder) and each log within those timbers ( that would be the individuals foods in each group) to be sure there are no issues with any of them for our Atkins WOE house. Take your time and test them individually  repeatedly until you know if it is the log, the timber, or the size of the load ( that would be your individual carb limits known as CCLL) that is the issue. Frame your house well and don’t use any shoddy timbers ( those would be things containing those mythical magical counting noncounting carbs you will here so much about from companies trying to sell your low carb porducts you “have” to have). This framing will be the means to keep your house standing forall time.

 As the framing gets finished and it gets closer to moving in time Dr Atkins blueprint commands us to start the roofing (premaintnenace) when we are 5-10 pounds from goal. This is one of the hardest phases to do becuase our saftey net of deep ketosis is being lightened on purpose. Since we learned so well during the framing time how to adjust any issues faulty timbers gave us and have by now been practicing daily for weeks if not months the proper way to construct this house we can confidently move ahead and complete building the trusses out of those same timbers we tested before and we can examine those timbers we felt weren’t going to be part of our House of Atkins WOE before because of scale and/or craving issues again since the situation has now changed slightyly with the framing already complete and supporting us now.

   Finally we arrive at goal weight and ready to move permanently into our Atkins House and complete the finishing work. As time goes by you can make changes to your WOE cause as we all know no home is ever completely finished. We might need to expand a bit with additionaltimbers as our lifestyles change or even remove a section cause we expanded too much but the home is solidly built and taken care of daily so it will last us a life time and not come crashing down around us as we arrive at goal and move in.

  Now who wants to discuss the landscaping ( that would be the mandatory exercise part of our Atkins WOL. 😉



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